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Female gamers…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?

Well first speaking from a female gamers point of view…NOTHING!! It really shouldn’t be a big deal, except to a lot of people it seems to be. Whenever I tell someone I play video games I tend to get a wide range of reactions:

From Women: They either ignore me because it’s not possible or if I happen to meet another female who games, I get the “Oh thank God” ha!

From Men: YOU DO? That’s Awesome or let me guess you play Ratchet and Clank? (Ratchet and Clank is an awesome franchise by the way) It’s always fun to go into a gaming store and ask about specific titles…if you get a professional they will discuss it and even give you recommends. If you get an unprofessional they will try to convince you that you DON’T play certain games (yup happened last month).

Here’s my story and it’s a short and simple one…I play video games because I never grew out of it. It’s not something I decided to get into because my man plays…I actually game more than he does. It’s definitely not something I decided to do because it’s all of a sudden become the “in” thing for girls to play COD or Halo. Not that there is anything wrong with someone “getting into” something but usually with things like that it only remains a phase and not something that is really a passion for someone.

I think where people get confused…especially men, is when a female says they game and then you find out they have no clue what they’re talking about. Ironically it isn’t only men who keep this stupid prejudice against the “female gamer” going…it’s other females. I have a Tumblr account and once in a while I type in the ‘gamer’ tag and it’s full of females trying to prove that they are real gamers and that others are not. Wow…how about you get to the point on whether that game you’re playing is actually worth my $60!! Yes I’ll admit some Female gamers can be annoying with all the trying-too-hard-to-prove-that-they’re-legit but I get it, you can’t have a decent conversation if the person you’re talking too doesn’t believe you lol.

Look all I’m trying to say is: If she does then great! If she doesn’t then she’s corny great! Like all forms of entertainment there are posers so What’s the big deal? I’ve met men who only play one game with this very expensive system they bought (ahem, Madden), so can u call them “gamers”? That’s probably another discussion but I know one thing…they don’t get the same treatment. So let’s all give each other one big virtual hug and have fun.

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  1. Female gamers have always been an anomoaly (did I spell that right?) guys either get excited or defensive from what I see……Id like to meet a female gamer they usually are more down to earth. Oh well I just hope more women get into it.

  2. Good point. It shouldn’t be a big deal that you are both female and a gamer.

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