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Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC — with trailer

Wow! Fallout New Vegas still being supported with DLC! Go Obsidian!

That’s right Shack News is reporting that Fallout New Vegas will be getting new DLC.  The new DLC is called Lonesome Road and there’s also a trailer to support it. September 20th  is the day you can mark on your calenders, because that will be the day the DLC is released and it will cost you $9.99 for PSN and PC or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

They’re not even done, apparently there’s more DLC on the way. Obsidian will be releasing the  Gun Runners’ Arsenal pack ($3.99) and the four pre-order packs ($1.99 each) on September 27th.

Here’s the Lonesome Road Trailer:


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