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Mass Effect 3: Exclusive limited time offer – Darknight anyone?

Apparently Bioware is offering  Mass Effect 3 in a exclusive limited time offer. Possibly a peace offering?

According to the Ad if you purchase Mass Effect 3  on Origin before March 31, 2012 6pm PST, you will then be able to purchase Batman Arkham City for only $10.

All versions are available PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and even includes the Digital Deluxe Edition (PC) for the cost of  $59.99 (PC,PS3,Xbox 360) and $79.99 (DDE) respectively.

I know Mass Effect 3 recently has been receiving a lot of controversy along with negative press surrounding it’s ending, but now if you don’t already own a copy you can experience it, and judge for yourself. It doesn’t hurt that your essentially getting two games for the price of one — if you get the standard version and Batman AC my friends is a smash.

And Remember When the world is faced with becoming nothing, will you fight for everything?” — Mass Effect 3

Does this sound like a good deal? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. People still shouldn’t bother with it. At least for the price it’s currently at. Just wait a month, two at most. It’ll drop significantly(this should show the desperation). Not to mention Walmart sells both Batman: Asylum and City in a combo pack for like forty bucks.

  2. Good deal. What if you already purchased it?

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