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Excited for Skyrim DLC? 5 reasons you should be


Well I got to thinking, whatever, and wherever this new DLC will be we are guaranteed a couple of things.


1. New fantastic (literally) quests

That may even have more spice than the original games quests. I liked the quests in the game, some felt empty but for the most part I think they can be entertaining. But the difference with DLC quests is that Bethesda doesn’t have a whole game to make and spend resources. The game is already made so Bethesda can get very creative with that extra time.


2. More Creatures, Enemies

 With every Bethesda DLC so far, we have had new interesting enemies added into the game. All with new interesting animations. These new enemies and animations can be used for modders too. For instance, lets say Bethesda added snakes in the DLC, well now modders can take the animations for snakes and make all kinds of snakes.


3. New Weapons/Armor

I love modders armors and weapons but nobody does it like Bethesda, so I’m looking forward to seeing some new armor and weapons introduced. The armor and weapons in past DLC from Bethesda are usually some of the best in the game — hands down and that goes for weapons too.


4. New interesting characters

 It’s always good to see brand new characters filled with personality. May it be a crazy sadistic villian, or a hilarious character, it’s still cool to interact with them and see there stories. In Oblivion we’ve seen probably one of the best personalities in DLC, which was Sheogorath. So I know Skyrim’s DLC will be no different.


5. New Gameplay Effects

Well basically anything added that was not in the original game. Maybe new animations for the character to learn, or new traps, hazardous environments? New powers or abilities, new visual effects, anything. Would love to see mounted dragon combat with maybe dragon armor (joke) to go with it.

What would you like to see? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. I need a new chair, the edge of this one is getting kind of worn out.

  2. How many versions was there of Oblivion? 3 or 4 I think. 5th Anniversary Edition was out at the end of last year. Think I’ll wait for Skyrim: Ultimate Edition or whatever.

  3. I’m glad I bought the 360 version. So I’ll be getting these a month before the rest! The PS3 version was trash when it came out.

  4. I can’t wait to get it, and I DO hope for dragon armor…why not!

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