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E3 2012: What? No Sony Press conference on Spike?

This can’t be…

This is Unbelievable, E3 is  a mere 2 days away and if my eyes serve me correct there will be no Sony Press Conference being shown on Spike this year.

How I came to this realization

So I’m surfing my cable to DVR the biggest gaming event of the year and to my surprise I can’t find any Sony Coverage whatsoever, I see Microsoft’s Conference, I see Nintendo’s Conference, I even see EA’s conference but no Sony.

Now I know Sony will be showcasing their press conference in PlayStation Home as well as various of their other websites but when did their event become exclusive? Did Sony do this on purpose? Possibly monopolizing how we watch them? I ask because you would think Geoff Keighley and the GameTrailers crew would be able to cover the conference with no problem, so what happened?

Gaming Community I’m hear to warn you and implore you at the same time. If you were relying on Spike as your outlet for the “Big 3” press conferences you’re going to need an alternative solution (in regards to Sony). Also, I’ll do some digging myself but if anyone knows why Spike is not airing Sony’s Press Conference please free to leave a comment. CCU wants to hear from you.



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  1. Sony’s conference is on G4 along with the Ubi conference.

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