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E3 2012: The Rundown (Microsoft,Sony,Nintendo,EA,Ubisoft)

A breakdown of all five press conferences of E3 including games, announcements, features and release dates:

Microsoft Press Conference:

Halo 4  gameplay demo – includes new enemy types, better graphics – Exclusive coming November 6, 2012

Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay demo – coming Spring 2013 features  Kinect voice commands as well as the return of Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer

Better with Kinect – showcased FIFA Soccer 13, Madden  NFL 13 – With FIFA 13 you can sub in a player by using voice commands, with Madden 13 you can call plays at the line of scrimmage using voice commands you can also call individual players out to run routes or block , Madden NFL 13 coming Aug 28, FIFA Soccer 13 coming September 2012

Fable: The Journey Kinect enabled – Exclusive – October 9, 2012

Gears of War: Judgement Trailer – featuring Baird Stars as the new protagonist –  Exclusive – coming  2013

Forza: Horizon – Open road racing, a spin on the traditional racing games Forza is known for, not developed by Turn 10 (the original developer) Oct 23,2012

Kinect – Spent time speaking about Kinect voice integration with Bing easier and 4x faster for TV, Movies, Music and other forms of entertainment in more languages  expanding to 12 additional countries (austria,australia,ireland,mexico,switzerland, new zealand,germany,france,italy,spain and two others) 4 new entertainment providers: Nickolodeon,Paramount,Machinima, and Univision also  expanding sports: NBA – NBA  Gametime  includes over 2400 live games NHL: Game Center includes 40 games a week, a choice of home or away audio broadcasts and highlights also ESPN 24/7 live programming,ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and ESPN U all in HD

Nike Plus Kinect Training – a more advanced training program (think more sophisticated Wii Fit) backed by one of the more respected brands and training programs in Sports – coming Holiday 2012

Xbox Smartglass – intergration with smartphones and  tablets, turns into a remote control for your Xbox 360. You can watch a movie on your phone or tablet, transfer it to your Xbox 360 and watch the movie right where you left off, your tablet now becomes an information hub giving you info such as cast, crew etc

Internet Explorer – Kinect intergration coming to Xbox 360 including Windows 8 coming this Fall

Tomb Raider (gameplay demo) A pre-quel featuring a not so confident Lara Croft, first DLC will be available exclusively first on the Xbox 360 coming March 5, 2013

Ascend: New Gods trailer — Exclusive to Xbox Live — Literally, that’s what you do, climb up the bodies of gods (reminiscent of  Shadow of the Colossus) coming 2013

LocoCycle developed by Twisted Pixel coming 2013

Matter trailer made for Kinect – 2013

Resident Evil 6 gameplay demo featured new gameplay elements – duel wielding, going prone – you can now lie on your back and roll, and can take weapons from enemies (zombies) and use it against them – DLC first on Xbox

Wreckateer exclusive for Xbox Live – Kinect enabled  coming this summer

South Park: The game – gameplay demo – aim: to make you feel like your in the cartoon

Dance Central 3 

Call of Duty: Blackops 2 gameplay demo – exclusive DLC again first on Xbox – releases  11/13/12

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