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E3 2012: Remembering your Friends ID — what a concept

So while watching the Microsoft E3 Press Conference I came across something very interesting.

Well it actually came after the Microsoft Conference. On Spike, Geoff Keighley — along with a panel that consisted of  Stephen Totilo (Kotaku), Adam Sessler (formerly of G4) and Peter Molynuex (creator of the Fable Series) were of course talking about what they just saw as far as the conference and weighed in on different topics. But Stephen Totilo brought up something that I wasn’t suspecting and  I think would be extremely useful in my opinion and should definitely be implemented.

What A Concept!

While speaking about — I believe Xbox 360 add-ons like new ‘Kinect’ features and ‘Smartglass’ he said something to the effect of: While those are cool I would of liked to see Microsoft revamp there Xbox Live interface and allow users to change the names of their friends, also he wanted the new interface to allow users to have  more than a 100 friends. Now what ultimately stood out — and ultimately hit home for me is the ability to change your friends names (not that I would mind them raising the the friend cap — I’ll take that too) and I’ll add to that — add to existing  names  as well.

Now Totilo was speaking on behalf of Xbox 360 users but I game on the PS3 so I say touche´, Sony should look into this as well.

Remembering your friends ID

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this because I just ran into that issue not to long ago where someone I befriended awhile ago,  I couldn’t remember where or how I met this person. It could have even been one of my friends in real-life. To have that feature I could rename it (actually I’m more interested in adding to the person’s existing ID) and it may help me better recognize who these people are.

For Example:

A lot of your friends (real-life) may not use their government or even their nickname that you know them by, let’s say your friends name is Justin and his PSN or Gamertag is “lovinglife888” it could read something like this: (Justin) lovinglife888 or (Jus) lovinglife888.

Say it’s a friend you met while playing Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 and their PSN or Gamertag is “alienkiller” in that case it could read something like (UC3) alienkiller or (Gears) alienkiller. So now you know everytime you come across ‘alienkiller’ whether it’s 3, 7, or 10 months from now you’ll know you met this guy or gal playing this specific game, Almost like a star in your phonebook type of  system.

So what do you think of this Concept? Does Xbox Live interface and PSN XMB need to implement these features? Do you think having this feature would be helpful to your gaming needs? CCU wants to hear from you.


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