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E3 2012: Good Quiet or Bad Quiet?

If Big E3 news this year were a ninja it would be a stealth master.

Now that’s great if it that means good quiet which means it has reverted back to it’s old ways and is restoring E3 back to it’s magnificent structure.

Too loud

Where it all started:

There seems to be some sort of trend these last couple of years where the “Big 3” decided to go the leak route as opposed to the stealth route. But now this year it seems there’s barely any news (at least big news) leading up to the event. Ironic isn’t it, complain about E3 being too loud now complain about it being too quiet.

In the past I tried to interpret the “loudness” as a way for the “Big 3” to say “Don’t worry it will only get bigger” but after several E3’s of it not getting “bigger” I went back to scratching my head as to why they would decide to go on a leak spree only to turn around and have subpar press conferences.

Now that it is more quiet than usual I wonder how I should interpret this as because it could go one of two ways:

-Either it’s quiet because there is nothing to show or…

-It’s quiet because they want to really surprise us this time and keep the spirit of E3 at it’s highest peak.

Now as I want to think positive and lean on the latter you have to consider two things 1) the past 2) the next generation

As I stated before when the conference was on the “loud side” the actual show did not deliver so when it all of sudden gets quiet I wouldn’t blame someone for “red flagging” that. Now what does the next generation have to do with this? Well if the rumor is true — that the next generation is indeed around the corner, then this generation may very well be going into shutdown mode. Developers and Publishers alike are now probably turning their attention to new hardware and software to get use to the specs and to start next-gen off with a bang. They are most likely content with ¬†throwing a few more titles at us and then it’s “on to the next one”.

So either Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony¬†figured out what they need to do to keep what truly makes E3, E3 (Big games, Big Announcements, Big surprises) or this quiet we’re experiencing my fellow gamers is bad quiet! Surpriiiise!

So what do you gamers think? Is this Good Quiet or Bad Quiet? CCU wants to hear from you.

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