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E3 2012: Geoff Keighley Responds: On why Sony Press Conference will not air on Spike

I just wrote an article about the absence of Sony’s Press Conference on Spike, (you can read it here) pertaining  to the fact of while surfing cable it seems Sony will be a no show for GT.TV and Spike.

Well I said I was going to do some digging and some digging I did. I reached out to Sony as well as Geoff Keighley. Sony has not responded (as of yet) but Geoff Keighley was kind of enough to. His response simply put, “We couldn’t work out a deal”.

Here is an exact recount:

@geoffkeighley is there any reason u guys are not airing Sony’s press conference on Spike?

@ControllUs We couldn’t work out a deal, simple as that.


It’s unfortunate the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement, hopefully next year they can pull it together. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.  But what may strengthen that it will indeed become a trend came straight from a commenter, shout out to “refocusedman”.

Here’s what he said:

“Spike is owned by viacom. Viacom is partners with microsoft….. Its probably a strategic move on MS behalf.”

If that’s the case we may not see a Sony Press Conference for E3 on Spike for a while. For all who want to view Sony’s Press Conference for E3 I hope your by a computer, or have internet access, or hope you get G4 from your cable provider (sorry Directv owners).

So what do you think? Will it be a trend? Will a deal be worked out next year? CCU wants to hear from you.


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  1. lol, hoping people that read your stuff online have access to online. Made my day.

    • lmboooo i was more referring to if theyre at work or on the road but the reality is we cant assume everyone has the internet lmboooo

  2. But Spike TV’s streaming Nintendo’s E3 presentation… unless MS doesn’t see them as a threat?

    I’m sure it’s more brick wall between MS & Sony so this probably has some bearing as well as maybe the terms Sony wouldn’t agree to. Either way they’re showing it on

    Playstation 3
    Playstation Home

    So I wouldn’t be too fussed.

  3. So, no Sony E3 for me then. Watching it in PlayStation Home sucks donkey balls and I’m not turning on my PC in the middle of the night for Sony anymore.

  4. microshit is pathetic…

  5. It’s very unlikely that it is some strategic move on Microsoft’s part, the gaming divisions act more autonomously than people think in the case of both companies. Outside of gaming Microsoft and Sony have worked together many times. The most prevalent one that comes to memory is the fact that Vaio computers were featured extremely heavily in the Windows 7 commercials.

    The kind of cut throat low blow business that many gamers assume is the norm exists, for the most part, in the minds of those gamers. Viacom only stands to lose if Microsoft pulled a move like that, not to mention the same for Microsoft’s broadcasting arm. Getting everyone else to sacrifice for the sake of Microsoft’s gaming division would not only be hard as fuck, but stupid as fuck.

  6. Why does this article have elementary school level grammatical errors?

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