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Double Dragon 2 remake coming to Xbox 360

by Andrew Yoon

The HD remakes keep on coming. This time, Double Dragon II is getting the polygonal update. Double Dragon II: The Revenge is coming to Xbox Live Arcade later this year as Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons. It’s being developed by Korean studio Barunson Interactive, makers of MMORPG Dragon Saga. (They really love their dragons…)

The “story” remains the same, but there are a whole slew of enhancements that extend beyond the visuals. There’s a new combo system and a new special move to complement the cyclone kick: a “diving knee kick.”

Just like the original game, Wander of the Dragons will support two-player co-op, however it’s unclear if the game will support online play. In addition to co-op, there’s a four-player versus mode that allows players to fight as Billy, Jimmy, Marian, and a number of enemies. Finally, there’s a new survival mode, which has players attempting to survive for as long as possible against a continuous onslaught of enemies.

Although most of the stages are inspired by the original game, there are new sequences added to the remake. QTEs have been implemented into the helicopter stage, while an entirely new sequence plays out on top of a logging truck.

Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons will release on Xbox Live Arcade this September for 1200 Microsoft Points.

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