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Don’t tell me cause it HERTZ — When will 60 frames per second become standard?

I not to long ago wrote “The RESOLUTION will not be televised — when will 1080p become standard”. I asked 1080p if it could kindly bring 60 frames per second along for the ride as well, and was going to leave it at that, when I realized even though the two should go hand in hand it’s not guaranteed and is a totally different question. We could very well get 1080p/30Hz or 720p/60Hz combinations. So I decided to tackle the issue at hand.

The Backlash:

First let me address all of you who brought to my attention that some of the games I claimed were 1080p were indeed not, and that I didn’t do my “homework”. My response? I love the “police work” I think it’s healthy and needed, however I would’ve appreciated if  I received at least a little acknowledgement, that these games — at the very least were promoted as such, that I didn’t make it up, and then state the facts, that is of course if you  indeed have done your “homework”.

It was made out to  seem like this information was not put out there and I just drew this out the sky. Ninja Gaiden Sigma — from a homework standpoint is 1080p, here’s a link you can check it out (Thanks CVG, I knew I wasn’t crazy). Alot of you already agree  Wipeout is 1080p so  MGS4 would  be the only game in question. Now whether you broke down or saw someone elses break down and  want to deem Team Ninja (or any other developer) “liars” or “false advertisers” as corporate lingo would suggest, then that’s one thing but to make it seem like I had no basis is another.

Back to the Question:

Now, how many games are truly in 60 frames per second anyway? I know it’s low but is the percentage as low as the 1080p perecentage I predicted?  I implore the gaming community because last time I was offered some “humble pie” after saying games like Wipeout, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Metal Gear Solid 4 was 1080p — wouldn’t want to make the same mistake twice. All jokes aside if 60hz  delivers as advertised then when that day arrives it will be sweet.

Here we go:

Ninja Gaiden is one of those 60 fps games, and oh boy does it feel like it! Man! That game  is as smooth as a “baby’s bottom” and as  fast as your favorite sports car, it’s really a big tease when you go back to regular old 30 frames per second (lmbo) and when I do play Ninja Gaiden Sigma it’s almost too fast (in a good way) it takes some getting used to, I would imagine it being like you — being used to your old “low end” car and then jumping in a Ferrari, Jaguar or Lamborghini for the first time — you have to get used to  it’s controls and speed.

It is in my opinion that games like Madden, the now WWE franchise, and any other sports titles would benefit greatly  from such an upgrade. I think at the very least sports games should be standard 60fps, with action, fast-moving titles being a close second. To be honest with all that HDTV’s are producing these days, I would think this number could even be potentially higher — like if you had a 60hz game it would be considered “low end” — picture that!

For those that may not be sure what 6ofps means and it’s alleged  benefits I’ll give you a brief breakdown. 60fps (frames per second)  also known as 60Hz (hertz) and is also referred to as the frame rate in regards to television and gaming defines how many times a picture is refreshing on your screen, so in 60hz  case it refreshing your TV at 60 times  a second .Why is this good? Well it can provide  better picture quality providing a smoother picture — especially for fast moving scenes, so theoretically the higher the hertz the better your game will perform. So when you hear Game Developers say “This game is 30fps”, “60fps” or anything in between, you now have a better understanding.

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

So will next generation be the sweet spot for 60fps to become standard? Or do you think we’re much further from that? And if you believe it is indeed next generation will it start of with a “bang” and be standard from the beginning — or will this be a gradual build up?

CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Remember how when PS3 came out it was supposed to give us Full or True 1080p gaming? Well not to point the obvious but most games are only 720p, nevermind the 60fps. I hear my friends saying that next gen will jump straight to quad HD or whatever they call it but I reckon that’s way too soon and besides we haven’t gotten 1080p at 60fps as a standard yet so I believe that’s what they should deliver. There’s no excuse for not bringing that. PS4 should have a couple of gigs worth of RAM and (if your lucky) SSD instead of HDD and stick with Blu ray but have more layers so it can hold more and faster speed cause I believe the PS3’s one is only 2x. Tell me what you guys think?

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