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Do gamers read the instruction manual anymore?

So I thought about this and I said I would love to know who actually reads the instruction manual when playing their games?

There was a time in gaming when the instruction manual was crucial, it served as guide to us mastering the games we love, we would have to refer to it over and over until it was committed to memory and only the strong survived. Heck I would say in some cases it was “make or break” on if we could get through a game without dying over and over again. In today’s gaming not so much. Why you ask?

With onscreen tutorials — basically becoming standard, I have a hunch that gamers don’t refer to their instruction manuals as much anymore, let alone read them. But gamers have the opportunity to confirm or deny these accusations lol. Even with my hunch I’m pretty sure we could find somebody that’s “old-school” and still looks at the manual not only for the “how to” portions of the game but also for the pretty concept art that developers worked so hard to bring. I for one am one of them and I for the record still read the manual, Yeah I said it! I still find there’s nuggets in there that the onscreen tutorial won’t always provide.

But isn’t that the least we could do for these Developers — yes I’m speaking to you gamers around the world, show our appreciation for all their hard work an dedication by reading the darn manual! Is that so hard! Lol. But seriously I wonder how long these Publishers and Developers will even support the almighty instruction manual. Will it eventually go the way of the dinosaur? Time will tell. I think ultimately the gamer’s will dictate what happens.

Gamers let your voices be heard. CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Lol The only time I read them is if im driving home, right after I pick up a new game.

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