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Did You Know Sony PS4 Controllers Have A Hidden Feature?

So upon calling Sony Computer Entertainment customer service I discovered a hidden feature, revealed to me via the customer service rep as we were troubleshooting a problem I was having with the PS4 and its controllers.


I was at a friends house and brought my controllers over so we could game and for some reason the controllers and the PS4 were not talking to each other; meaning my controllers simply would not sync with his PS4.

After trying different things like switching multiple USB charging cables restarting the PS4, unplugging the PS4 then starting it up,when none worked I started to wonder whether it was a compatible issue — by  Sony design!

It was not though as when I eventually went home and tested other peoples controllers on my PS4 it worked,  whew! thank goodness lmboooo. So I’m chalking it up for now as a freakish occurrence.


Back at the friends house (before I was able to home test it) I called Sony Customer service for assistance and of course they went through natural protocol “Did you do this?”, “Did you try that?” After informing them I did they proceeded to tell me to turn the controller around and look for the “button” on the back. “Button on the back!?”, “What button!?”, “The PS4 controller has a button on the back!?”  Is what I’m saying to myself.

Sure enough there was one, Sony did a great job by the way making that button indiscreet; incredibly small and non intrusive, phenomenally hidden almost undiscoverable even. If I never had this issue I would have never known til this day one even existed


Okay so if you turnover your controller and look to your upper right you’ll see this small hole, in this hole if you stick it with a toothpick or pin or something in that family (as directed by Sony) you’ll feel a button you can press down.

It’s actually a reset button and  holding it down for several seconds helps with compatibility issues such as I was having when the controller and the PS4 were not syncing.

So if your PS4 controllers ever give you sync issues you could try this as a resolve.

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  1. Cuz…! you didn’t know that? The same reset button is located on the PS3 controllers.

    • yeah that’s what a few people is telling me but a lot didn’t know too I didn’t know cause I never had to use it lmbooooo.

      Truth be told even if I knew already it’s still my job to report it cause as indicated there’s gamers out there that don’t know.

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