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Bethesda Developer Speaks: Talks creation of the Vampire Lords from the Dawnguard DLC

Yesterday I posted a thread in the official Skyrim forums asking people about the appearance of the Vampire Lords from the Dawnguard DLC trailer. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see the actual creator of the Vampire Lords swoop by and leave some comments.

His first was:

“Vampire Lord, like many other existing vampire media was inspired by previous gampire media. I think once you get to see it more clearly though you will see that we did put our own spin on it. I can understand some of you wanting something very different but is it any different than the fact that our regular vampires have the same look as existing vampire from popular media? (vampire eyes/vampire fangs/bloodsuckers) how is that really any different? That being said, I do not think you guys are wrong in wanting something totally different looking but we felt this direction was a good fit for what most people would like. Fear not though guys and gals, they have some really cool powers and if your still not convinced, you can always kill those dirty bloodsuckers”

His Second post was a reply to another post in which a user said:

User- “I do wish the Volikhar made an appearance though, maybe they’ll also be added to the game (Hint, hint vsions. Hi there, by the way).


Visions (Creator of Vampire Lord)- “Hmm I will have to think about those guys 😉 I try to be a fan pleaser when I can”

His Last Post left me very hyped when he said:

“Thanks guys, overall I think the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I am very happy that you guys are happy. Wait till you guys get mire details! There is alot in this dlc, its gonna be g”eat! “

Disclaimer* These are direct quotes so you may see a typo or two.

Here’s a video of me going over his quotes on the thread that I created:

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