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Am I the only one that stops at a red light?

What kind of Gamer are you? Am I crazy?!!!

So I’m playing L.A. Noire and when I play games of this nature I try to play as realistic as possible. One of those ways includes strangely enough, obeying the laws of the land (Go figure). Meaning I do not run over people with my vehicle and I don’t run red lights!

Before you judge me let me give you a little background.

My obsession to obey the law and behave like any decent human being with morals started with GTA 4.  Now I chalk  that up to the way the game is presented, It has a more realistic tone and feel than any of the previous GTA’s. Even given you a moral system, in which you had to choose and make sometimes difficult decisions that would affect the rest of the game– which I loved, I love realism in games. Now I’ve played GTA games in the past but they had  more of a over the top, do what feel when you feel like it,  way about itself. Kind of like what the Saints Row Series represents, a do not take me seriously– just have fun style of gaming. Before GTA 4 is was nothing for me to pull out an AK and start spraying people randomly, running over people and not stopping at a single red light.

That all changed with GTA 4 though, I found a more kinder more gentler me. A person who did not shoot unless I had to, who didn’t run over people, technology playing a big part of that because trust me it did not feel good to hit somebody, with the introduction of weight and all, payed tolls, did my 3 point turns, did not drive down one way streets and most importantly lol, I-did-not-run-red-lights! This tradition continued with L.A. Noire especially now that I play the role of a cop. My brother actually didn’t believe that I could actually live in those rules until he came to visit and witnessed this himself. The crazy part about it is, I have as much fun, if not more obeying the law than not (Go figure).

This article’s purpose is two things, the main point being  to see if I’m crazy! and see if there are other gamers who play in this fashion– I’m very curious to know how many actually play like me. The second  is, if you never tried this style of gameplay, I urge you to try it and let me know how it went for you.

So gamers stop running red lights and obey the law. I feel like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire when I ask, who’s with me?

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