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A Few Possibly Overlooked Things PS3 Still Does Over PS4

We all know about the lack of 3D playback, music playback, Backwards compatibility and external HDD support for the PS4 but there are several other possible overlooked things the PS3 (even after all these months) still does over it’s next-gen brethen.

This actually started off being two or three things but digging further it ballooned to fifteen things! Check it out:

  1. PS3 tells you exactly when the last time your friend was online and how long it’s been since they have been inactive
  2. If you go into  a particular setting on the PS3 XMB, say like “network settings” the next time you press PS home button it goes right back to it, instead of having to scroll all the way back there, same can’t be said for the PS4
  3. PS3 has certain settings for video and audio playback that enhances overall viewing and sound experience, some of these features are missing on PS4
  4. Sharing games is way  easier on PS3
  5. [Facebook] PS3 sharing  of trophies and such on the social website actually works
  6. PS Home did not carry over to the PS4
  7. No date displayed at the top on PS4, PS3 includes it
  8. Automatic startup for games, so when you first turn on your PS3 the game automatically loads —  if you want it to
  9. PS4 no  themes/custom background support
  10. Choosing whether you want the audio —  when you have a mic connected to come through headphones or TV so you can hear your friends through the TV while still talking through the headset, great for if you want to turn your sound up but still want to hear your friends clear
  11. PS4 doesn’t include voice changer, just overall audio/sound settings more options on PS3
  12. Lack of notifications on the PS4 to see  real-time when your friends signed on/off now you have to manually see who’s online/offline
  13. PS3 via blue light on the console tells you if a disc is already  in it, A couple times I almost got caught putting a disc in the PS4 when one was already in lmbooo
  14. PS3 allows you to leave a comment above your name
  15. You now have to take a extra step to turn off your PS4 controller, in fact two extra steps; adjust devices>turn off device>dualshock 4 PS3 was one step

That’s a lot missing features to a system (PS4) that’s suppose to be next-gen  and an actual upgrade; should have all those features and more, should make for a more seamless experience not a more complicated one, Yes?

Have any to add to the list that you’ve noticed?  Feel free to write it in the comments. CCU wants to hear from you.

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