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Xbox One: Nex-gen voice recognition amazing but will anyone use it?

Microsoft press conference 2013 showed off some beautiful seamless integration between all the things we gamers use as entertainment; TV, music, movies, games, and apps  in an effort to truly become the ‘Target’  (the store) of video gaming right in your living room.

With one command of your voice Xbox One goes from your TV, to playing a movie, to playing your game all without lifting a finger but will the feature even be used?

I liken this experience —  a microcosm if you will to all the technology we already know to have voice recognition features — not to this level of course but we can get a glimpse of how people feel using this feature. All indications point to we are not as comfortable using voice recognition. Look at phones for instance, I have voice recognition in my phone but I barely use it. Instead of manually dialing a #, searching Google, or getting navigation directions I could easily just ask for what I want with the sound of my voice but I still choose to do it manually more times than not and I”m pretty sure it’s the same for you, but why?

My conclusion on the matter is that humans are not yet comfortable talking to their devices consistently — I’m not comfortable talking to my devices consistently. I don’t feel comfortable talking to anything that’s not human :), it still feels weird and crazy. Shoot! As long as it has been out people are not even all the way comfortable with bluetooth, because while your phones’ in your pocket and a little device is in your ear — effectively making it extremely convenient you look crazy talking to what seemingly looks like yourself.

Truth is nobody wants to talk to their console — at least out loud :).

The most I heard a Xbox 360 gamer say to their console is “Xbox On” which may give even more insight into the “uncomfortable factor” —  a beta test if you will. Maybe Microsoft already recognizes this and understands by generation two gamers and users will acclimate themselves.

This ultimately may be a feature that will take some getting used to, as humans are not used to interacting with machines on that level. I think maybe as people practice this new way of communication (by themselves when no ones looking :)) especially if everyone else is doing it, it could become the norm. For now it’s skeptical if this feature will even be used let alone used to its max potential. Here’s hoping Microsoft is not putting all its chips on that, you know gamers want games right?

Will you be using this feature in the next-gen to the extent Microsoft wants you to? CCU wants to hear from you.

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