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WWE 2K15: Another Way How To Get Custom Theme Music For Your Wrestlers

If you’re like me and have been frustrated by custom music being stripped away in WWE 2K15, a feature that has been in all recent WWE games then what I discovered maybe helpful to you.

It’s not ideal it definitely doesn’t trump the  built in custom music feature 2K took away; a little bootleg even, but I found  another work around to provide custom theme music to WWE 2K15.

Especially great because now you can update the current wrestlers with their real-world entrance music or add your very own music to your custom characters creations.

And the reason I say “another way” is because I saw a solution provided already on the net. Shout out to ‘unbreakableironman‘  on YouTube for opening my eyes to the idea in the first place.

He in that video suggested however that you use a mixer to achieve said result. I know everybody doesn’t have a mixer lying around all willy nilly and probably won’t or can’t shell out 100 dollars to get one just for this purpose.  It’s probably  just not that serious for some so here’s another way to do it.

What you’ll need:

Laptop/phone/computer/tablet, surround sound, a compatible wire to connect the device to your surround sound setup (digital out/in), the ability to get sound from TV and Surround Sound simultaneously.

Now here are the instructions:

  • If you have surround sound, set  it up  where you can  play your sound through your  TV as well, now you  should have sound coming through your TV and your surround simultaneously. 
  • Use your laptop/phone/computer/tablet’s headphone jack using a compatible wire to connect your device to the ‘audio in’ on your receiver  note* wire should be a decent length so you can sit back from your TV
  • If you want to do it lazily like I’m currently doing :), just go to YouTube and find the music you want to implement in the game. Keep in mind it’s not ideal, probably best to download the music you want to your media device  and create a “WWE 2K15  music” folder for easy accessibility
  • In-game Turn off the default or assigned music you have currently for the wrestler you want to do this for
  • switch your input on the receiver to “Aud In” or whatever is appropriate for your setup  right before said wrestler comes out while also having your TV volume turn up, you’ll effectively get the sounds of the game; crowd, announcer etc. while getting the custom music as well

There you go! It sounds pretty darn authentic too, almost as if it’s a part of the game. You’ll probably mess up a lot switching back and forth at first because you have to remember to switch it back to the input that controls your surround for the match as well as all other wrestlers your not doing this for and vice versa, even remembering to not get caught up in the win and switch it back for the custom  music to cue after the match lmboooo — especially if you go the YouTube route but once you get used to it it’ll probably be smooth sailing.

It would’ve still  frustrated me that I have to use this workaround and probably you too also knowing when I played online I would have to put back the non authentic music albeit close as possible music and switch back and forth every time, that’s until I discovered there are no entrances in WWE 2K15 online! Another huge boo boo. In the immortal words of ‘Hurricane’ “Wassup wit Dat!”

Any questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Hit me up in the comments. CCU wants to hear from you.

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