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WWE ’12 Latest Online Server Update

Apparently WWE 12 has been experiencing some online issues and THQ/WWE games has put out a press release to update the gaming community on such.

Here’s are the quotes from said update:

We’ve got the latest online server update straight from our WWE ’12 development team

Dear WWE Games Universe,

During the past week, we have deployed daily updates to improve our overall experience with online connectivity.  Current results are much better, but we are still seeing, and we know you are also seeing some issues in “custom searches” within Community Creations during heavy load times. The normal content searches should function quickly, but you still might experience some issues when custom searching. We are still working to improve this experience as much as we can on a daily basis, but you can expect more improvements down the road in our upcoming Title Update currently in development.

Thanks so much for the up to the minute feedback on your own personal online experience in WWE ’12 in the various community sites, official forums, and our WWE Games Twitter and Facebook accounts. We hope that you have seen these latest results, and if you haven’t, by all means please let us know. Thanks once again for your patience throughout this process. We will update you again soon on any changes that we make to the servers.


WWE Games

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