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Wow it’s funny how the gaming community is divided over GTA V direction

No lie, I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who likes GTA IV, like I’m the only one who appreciated Rockstar’s direction to the game in regards to tone and the more mature approach the company took.

Now I know that’s not true but more often than not I hear a resounding “Bring back San Andreas” style gameplay, with gamers still feeling that GTA San Andreas was the best in the series. I used to wonder why people loved GTA III or San Andreas over GTA IV now I’m starting to realize why.

GTA: San Andreas, Regarded as the best in the series

I used to think it was because of the incredible RPG elements presented in that game like buying property, losing weight if you didn’t eat enough, gaining weight if you ate too much, working out to build muscle and just the overall options that seemed endless. Now while I’m sure that’s in there somewhere I’m starting to see gamers really enjoy the over-the-top nature of previous GTA’s.

GTA IV (IMO) seemed like a natural evolution of the series (I embraced it) but to be fair if Rockstar established themselves as a open-world, over-the-top game I can’t be all the way mad if gamers want more of the same.

Games like ‘Saints Row’ and even to some degree ‘Just Cause’ I felt came in as copycats, matter of fact what open-world game hasn’t borrowed from this incredible franchise? But I felt the release of GTA IV was an all important entry, maybe even unbeknownst to Rockstar because I felt it re-established the series and again separated it self from the pack with a focus that made the game less fantasy and more dripped in reality (remember they were selling “Liberty City” as a real-world, living breathing New York ).

On top of that Volition, developers of  Saints Row made there own move also, separating themselves even further, in an attempt not to be made out as a GTA clone and made SR over-over-over-over-the-top, as over-the-top can be.

Because of the two respective moves they are really like two different games now. Saints’ Row M.O. now is how can we make this year’s game even more ridiculous than last years? “Ridiculousness” at its best, with less focus on story and less driven by characters with depth. So essentially both developers came to a proverbial video game “fork in the road”, Rockstar went right, Volition went left — all-the-way left 🙂

Now I don’t want to superimpose my vision for GTA as their vision, but what if this was Rockstar’s plan all along and only used over-the-top elements in the beginning to make up for lack of technology at the time? Only now having the chance to truly implement the vision they had from the very beginning…wait…nope…that may not  be true either, I think they’re still sacrificing their true artistic vision, something that may only be realized in this upcoming generation.

There was recent news that came out from OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) pertaining to the fact that GTA V — for the purposes of storyline, won’t let you “do crazy things for no reason”. While a lot of gamers embraced this direction, one gamers reaction?

Now i know not to buy it there story was wasnt that good to start with and the fun of all the games was making the game and story your own. So its gone in the wrong direction for me so ill skip it thanks for the heads up. They should have made the game just like the Gay tony expansion now thats was a proper GTA game” 

The above quote insinuates he/she expected a return to old GTA gameplay. Now I don’t want to confuse anybody and say that the recent news guarantees the game will  play more like GTA IV but it’s just to point out the feelings circulating out there.

To further show this divide, in a near-perfect microcosm of what I’m seeing I, after responding with the below quote in regards to GTA V got 9 agrees and 10 disagrees:

I really liked GTA IV (was I the only one?). I actually hope it plays more GTA 4ish and less of the past GTA’s aka Saint Row-ish. I actually like the more realistic, mature overtone approach. 

Plus it’ll really start to set itself apart from the Saint Row Series, they each can have their own lane and approach the open-world differently.

Now if that is what Rockstar’s hinting at…the article wasn’t laced with overwhelming details, but I hope that’s what they were getting at.

Essentially Rockstar, again maybe unbeknownst to them created two types of GTA fans, the gamers such as myself that appreciate the “new” direction of GTA IV and the gamers that really fell in love with all the ones that preceded that game. You could almost feel the divide which manifests all through journalists articles,  all through websites podcasts and all through gamers comments.

Bottom line: I want GTA V and the GTA’s going forward to be more GTA IV-ish and less Saints Row-ish (I bite my own tongue when I say this because actually I would prefer Rockstar take it to a another level in the next-gen, knowing them they will). I prefer the more realistic approach, I generally speaking  dislike over-the-top games.

With a community so divided I have to ask which direction would you prefer GTA V go in? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. GTA IV stood as a good game in it’s own right. What I enjoyed most about previous GTA games was the ability to do crazy stuff outside the main storyline. Being able to do crazy stuff was the whole point. One of my favorite things to do was hold up in a house shooting people, police and anything that moved. Eventually, the Army showed up with tanks. I would then legitimately steal the tank and go wild with it. It was over the top and a lot of fun, but still within the realm of crazy possibilities if I really was an insane, psycho, drug dealing, gang banger. The other thing was in San Andreas was taking the tractor trailer loads to there destination and avoiding the cops. Despite it being just within the realm of possibility none of that type of hilarity was in GTA 4. Such hilarity in previous GTA games never affected the main storyline so why remove it completely? GTA IV is a good game in it’s own right, but I believe it went a little too far towards realism without fixing the real issues of the game, which were driving and shooting mechanics.

    • I liked to hold up in an alley in GTA III and destroy everyone coming by. Then I’d grab cars and block the area. And have a big fight with the military. Or grab a fire engine and smash into everything and run everyone over and get a bunch of stars and a long police chase. Those kinds of things made the GTA games fun. You can’t do a lot of that in GTA IV. At least not early on. I’ve never played that game very far. It bores me every time. I hope it gets more exciting later on. I don’t really care about going on a date or whatever. I want to do what I want to do in the game.

  2. I keep trying to play GTA IV but it bores me too much and I quit. It isn’t fun like the PS2 GTA games are. At least I have all of those games on my PS3 to go back and play.

  3. My favourite GTA is a San Andreas
    I think it will be the best 4ever… 🙂
    Or maybe the GTA V? O.o

  4. I think GTA IV was a bit disappointing to many players because of it’s dark and mainly grey game world and due to the driving mechanics.

    Many of the missions we played in IV were even at night and often you didn’t achieve to get them done and had to play them again, and again at night. That annoyed me very often in the later missions.

    The game world fo IV didn’t have any surrounding areas, so everything you saw were grey streets and grey houses. Even the few “beaches” had a industrial look and had a grain of grey again. So the overall atmosphere wasn’t very colorful.

    Then the driving physics: They were a bit hectic and races were quiet difficult due to that. There wasn’t much fun in doing that.

    Gay Tony tweaked everything a bit; the mission were more bombastic, the driving physics got a small overhaul and the characters were more fun and typical GTA-ish, as you wrote.

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