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Will Sony add “impulse triggers” to the PS4 controller in the future?

When I first heard about this feature being  introduced for the Xbox One controller I thought to myself “That’s a really cool feature”, provided if it works as advertised. If it does however this could indeed change the way we play games  forever going forward.

Let me go into why this feature being implemented on a Sony platform —  namely the PS4 is most likely inevitable.

History has told us if there is a great feature offered on a another system it is destined to be copied.  You look at the trigger feature itself (minus the “rumble”) aka the shoulder buttons, you look at motion controls, you look at even rumble in the body of the controller, analog sticks, Achievements/Trophies, cartridges, CD,  DVD,  and Blu-Ray everything is attempted to be duplicated, nothing is off limits.

So right when it makes sense for some to say “This sounds more like a “PS5″ feature if anything” I looked at what Sony did in this current generation — the way they handled “Rumble”.

Remember the controversy surrounding Rumble to kick off this generation beginning with a quote from Sony to the effect of “Rumble is last gen” . Insinuating that the Rumble feature found in the PS2 and even the original Xbox (I think) was dated technology and that they were moving forward with the “Sixaxis” as being the future, thus removing the Rumble feature altogether.

Those not familiar with the Sixaxis technology especially if you adopted the PS3 late, think of it as a moderate, less sophisticated version of  the motion controls  you see today. A motion-sensing technology where you could take your controller and swing it left, right, up, or down  to get the desired effect, to simulate in some cases flying,  carefully walking across a tree bark, guiding an arrow to its intended target, or use in various other imaginative ways developers could come up with.

Safe to say not only were they wrong about the Sixaxis (developers barely took advantage of it) they were also wrong about rumble. Force feedback was a largely desired feature from gamers and force feedback was something that was a part of, and continues to to be a part of gaming’s future.

I give it to Sony though, although they underestimated  how powerful force feedback is to a human in regards to immersion in games, they were humble and quickly implemented it back into their controllers again. The days of a Sixaxis-only controller is virtually non-existent.

I say all this to say if Sony recognizes that experiencing some sort of feedback at your fingertips when squeezing the trigger, especially, but not limited to “shooters” as the future — you can feel a heartbeat pulse as you are about to pull the trigger? Amazing!  And at the same time if it is coveted by gamers and the product proves genius then how long will it be before we start seeing impulse triggers on a PS4 controller?

Depending how fast they find out I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an announcement before, at or soon after launch.

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