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Why is ‘throwing’ so hated in gaming?

So a little while ago I wrote the article “Why is ‘camping’ so hated in gaming”? So now I figured let me do a follow up to discuss another realization, which is, “Why is ‘throwing’  so hated in gaming”? I know a bunch of you want to address the “throwing situation”, most prevalent in the Streetfighter series. So gamers once again, LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!

In that article I likened gamers that play shooters “hating camping” as a parallel to gamers in the fighting genre –specifically Streetfighter hating ‘throwing’.  So now I said to myself you know what, let’s address the “throwing situation” head on. Hating ‘camping’ I couldn’t absolutely relate to but ‘throwing’ now that’s a different story, I’ll  explain.

Since the birth of Streetfighter gamers across the world knew ‘throwing’ was taboo, an absolute “no no”. ‘Throwing’ was not accepted because it was considered a “cheesy move”  and it would happen at the most convenient time. What time you ask? When said player was losing — that’s what time. For example, Player A is doing combos to Player B but Player B is displaying impeccable defense and Player A can’t get their combos off,  sound familiar — oh yeah that’s allah the Ortiz/Mayweather fight. So rather than just regroup and try something different, Player A — like Ortiz, in frustration throws Player B ( In Ortiz’s case he threw himself  lol) which was and kind of still is an unblockable move (Capcom has since implemented a counter but it’s a timing move). Realizing an oppenent can not block this, Player A throws over and over and over again,  rinsing and repeating with hopes of “throwing” them self  into victory, displaying no skill whatsoever.

So you may ask yourself throwing is in the game, is ‘throwing’ allowed? Absolutely!!! —  if your Zangief lol. But I’m afraid to say if you want to gain respect across the board from your fellow gamers and not get cussed out, your going to have to find another way — please don’t be “thrown off” — pun intended. It is what it is, now don’t get me wrong, you can throw every once in awhile but to do it excessively is unacceptable in the gaming community.

But just like my other article some brave soul has the chance to stand up, be bold, and say “I LIKE THROWING, I THROW ALL THE TIME”! Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

So tell me, are you the player that sticks to traditon and obeys the “unwritten rules” of Streetfighter? Or do  you stand on the side of, ‘throwing’ is in the game, “so I’m going to use it”. By the way if there’s anything I’m missing about “why is ‘throwing’ so hated in gaming” feel free to add. CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Excellent article! I totally agree throw me three times in a row and I’m ready to grab the controller out of your hands LOL

  2. I throw, especially since I use Dhalsim. There are combos that are setup by the throw. I wasn’t always a “thrower” lol, but people did it so much online when I played that I realized I almost have no choice, especially that’s how one counters a throw.

  3. Hold on Cuz….Hold on LOL!! Ace and I play Street fighter alot. He hates throwing. I on the other hand will use whatever I can to win my fights. I have been playing street fighter since it came out in the arcades back in the late 80s early 90s. I use to throw people as part of stratgey. My main point to people back then is the same as it is today. If this move was not to be done or so bad Capcom would have not included it or fixed it. Which in my mind its gotten worse. Its easier to throw someone in SSF4 than it ever was in SF2. To say its an un written rule is kind of crazy though. We meet at this machine….I put in a quarter you put in a quarter…..I paid money IM LOOKING TO WIN. In another point though think about it like this…I hate when people cross you up and do ludicruisly long combos which to me take no skill only memory as if you are caught you can do nothing short of watch as they place a series of button presses and deplete your life bar. I dont cry though I just figure a way around it and move on. Also if Player A has such great defense he wouldnt be bother by throws LOL. He would take that into account with his over all defensive skills. With all that being said….I dont throw because its the only way to win though or to be cheap. Although it is fun to frustrate people who cant handle it by doing so. Its in the game so step up your game and get around it is what Im saying. Lord knows I suck at FPS and all the camping in the world would help me, but I dont get mad I just play and have fun LOL! well thats the end of my long rant. Im sure some one will disagree.

    • C’mon cuz u oldschool if n e body knows u do, so u get the big boooooo double boooooo
      triple somersault boooo.
      lmbooo…u say all dat then say u dont throw…u clownin!!!

  4. Man Boo yourself FAM!! LOL I do it to Ace a lot cause it bothers him. Other than that if me and somebody fighing and having a good back and forth match then aint no need to throw unless its a counter measure. LOL

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