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Why Doesn’t MGS V Look Like Silent Hills P.T.?

Anybody who’s already played Silent Hills Playable Teaser could attest to the near photo-realistic (if not dead on) graphics on full display in all it’s glory on the PS4. It’ll most likely set the bar in graphics when the full version is finally released, as it may be the best looking game to grace any platform period ever. I mean Silent Hills really, really, really, looks like real life.

It also has been revealed that the legendary Hideo Kojima (Creator of the Metal Gear Solid Series)  is at the helm of this iteration. And anybody who knows Kojima’s work and how his brain operates knows that we could be in for a treat — a classic horror game.

So with the knowledge that Kojima is the man behind Silent Hills begs the question, why isn’t his other upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain bringing the same graphical quality?

Now don’t get me wrong MGS V: Phantom Pain looks fantastic. I remember seeing the first reveal  trailers and booting up the first part of a  two part story — “Ground Zeroes” and saying to myself this is some outstanding  piece of tech let alone the next-gen exclusive Phantom Pain. Even though I don’t really see a significant jump graphically between games.

Now anybody who’s also played or has saw tons of footage of MGS V: Phantom Pain could also attest that while although incredible, the graphics in comparison don’t have the same kick. In fact Silent Hills looks so good I could almost (dare I) say looks like a generational gap — in the same generation! Silent Hills looks like the reason we need this current gen of consoles MGS V just looks like a ramped up MGS 4, also a visual masterpiece via the PS3 but it’s the PS3.

A True Comparison

Now, because the game is being created by the same developer (Kojima) and the same engine (FOX) this is essentially a perfect comparison in which the difference can’t be blamed on developer talent, or type of Engine, or even platform used. (Edit: As far as platforms I was going off a article that said Phantom Pain was a next gen game only, they have since retracted their initial coverage so I’m retracting mine it will indeed be available for the 360 and PS3.  Which would explain more (but not exclude) why Silent Hills would have the edge graphically. Continue on.)

Open World vs Linear 

Now the obvious argument that could be made  is that MGS V is open-world and Silent Hills P.T. was crammed into this little hallway thus allowing the power of the PS4 to really shine, kind of like how I remember a similar argument was  made with the skepticism over the Capcom PS4 exclusive ‘Deep Down’ —  no faith that it could truly look like the trailer when released as a final product.

Gamers argued that Capcom was able to make the game look that good  by cramming all the “power” into this small cave area,   but still  the comparison with MGS V to P.T. looks like a huge jump maybe too huge to even justify that argument; as great as that argument may be.

Interestingly enough in a conversation with Mr. Kojima himself via Whatifgaming he reveals that the “Fox Engine is meant for open world” in a question that asked if Silent Hills would be open-world or not, indicating that Silent Hills may actually be open-world.  Which in  theory would destroy the theory. If however the power crammed into a hallway theory is true could we see a degradation in graphics by the time the final product comes out?

ART Direction?

Another argument that can be made (if you wanted to defend MGS V) is the Art Direction, maybe it’s the art direction that’s tricking me to believe it looks better. Well..even though  MGS V has science fiction elements, the game is suppose to have a realistic feel to it. From guns, to locations, to actual history everything is surrounded in real-world events. The “science fiction” part of it is suppose to be believable in that it is the  technological advances and breakthroughs that  dictate the existence of “Metal Gears” — unmanned war machines. Silent Hills on the other hand, dealing with ghosts and evil spirits —  at least in the trailer could be argued is even less realistic but that house looks like a real house, not a fantasy world.

Norman Reedus vs Big Boss

The Star of  the hit TV show, Walking Dead’s own Norman Reedus; (who plays Daryl Dixon) his likeness featured at the end of the Silent Hills P.T. Trailer vs the legendary Big Boss Character Model. At first the comparison was strictly going off of the environment but because the end features a trailer showcasing a character for the first time (as the whole demo is in first person) I thought I would compare it also. I have to say it  is also a jump, from the hair believability to the mimicking of human skin it basically  matches what I played and says to me that this game’s graphical fidelity has the chance to be consistent throughout the entire game.

Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) Silent Hills P.T.

Big Boss (MGS V, War Legend)

I just find it interesting and somewhat baffling that the same man, same talent, same engine, could produce a  significantly better looking game in the same time period.

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