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Who hasn’t accepted Sony’s new Terms of Service Agreement?

Sooo Sony outsmarted us gamers again huh? 

Just when you thought the remnants of the hacking were gone, Sony attempts to secure it’s future with this new Terms Of Service Agreement.

A few weeks back, in a move to protect their business, once again they used the one thing they know gamers want and need — the PSN. Forced us to sign a Terms of Service Agreement while making it seem like we had a choice, all of this so we wouldn’t sue Sony or partake in a joint lawsuit.

So I  got to ask, who actually stood their ground and didn’t sign the new agreement? Either for the intention of suing Sony or just for sheer principle. Did anybody? If I had to guess I would say the majority accepted the agreement, you would have to have a strong will or be severely affected by the  hacks to the point where gaming takes a “back seat” to go 3 weeks plus with no PSN, especially if all your friends accepted the agreement. But there always could be that one right? I’m pretty sure quite a few people out there are affected by the hacking, but do they want more than what Sony has given them to this point is the question. How far they will go? Only time will tell.

I know for me, I signed it day one but I’ll have to admit I had no idea that, that was the intent on Sony’s part, I just wanted to get to playing some games, lmbo. I also have to admit that even if I did know, I’m not sure it would have  any bearings on the outcome.

So Let me know if you guys signed it, didn’t sign it and why? CCU wants to hear from you.

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