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Which console is bigger, Xbox first or Xbox One?

I thought I’d have some fun on the topic of which console is bigger, the first Xbox or the Xbox One; spurred on somewhat by the Eurogamer article where Microsoft gives their explanation as to why the Xbox One is cool and quiet aka why they had to make the console so big!

With all the fun that has been made of the Xbox One’s size there actually might be a console that’s even bigger — in Microsoft’s very own family! The first Xbox.

I tried to gather some real-world facts to get this question answered, so lets have some fun shall we?

I will attempt to see if I could factually solve the mystery as to which console is bigger  as it seems like an obvious “elephant in the room” type of topic 🙂 but first some history.

In 2001 when the ‘Xbox’ was launched I remember all the hoopla surrounding the system; that this system from a technical standpoint  trumped anything on the market —  including the almighty ‘PS2′ that at the time was regarded as the “video game system of all video game systems”. People still ’til this day argue that the PS2 may have been the greatest gaming console of all-time.

But nevertheless the Xbox had the hype; it was new, it was fresh, it was exciting, not to mention it launched one of the biggest selling and most recognizable franchises of all-time ‘HALO’. I also remember specifically ‘Madden’ football being a popular topic of conversation when comparing the consoles; always said to run better, smoother and look graphically superior on the Xbox compared to its PS2 counterpart.  So slowly but surely gamers started to make the “jump”.

But as big as the hype was, what was equally talked about, if not more talked about was the size of the XBOX — that sucka was frikkin HUGE! Gamers used to joke that you could lift weights with that thing;  a tank shadowing as a video game console. It eerily reminded me of the also incredibly large ‘NEO GEO’ and how that console was ridiculed and became the laughing stock of its time because of its size —  among other things. Now we’ve come full circle…uhm, or full rectangle with the Xbox One design “issues”, with the size of the console becoming as much of a topic as the console itself.

The reason the Xbox One is so BIG in the first place

Now back to the Eurogamer article I referred to earlier. It explains that the “size” of the console is in direct correlation as to why the Xbox One will be cool and quiet and more importantly; cooler and quieter than it’s predecessor. Essentially giving all the working parts inside room to breathe; proper heat dissipation if you will.

Not a bad reason at all Microsoft but in past you said it was all about the “holistic design”,  highlighted in my “Oh! That’s why Microsoft chose to go with that Design for Xbox One?” article. Now we either have more insight or more PR talk depending on who you ask.

 But which console is BIGGER? Take a look for yourself 

After doing some digging I couldn’t get an exact size but the article does provide an estimate of the Xbox One console:

 Microsoft has not released any official specifications on the dimensions of the final box, but extrapolating from the sizes of known components (principally the USB port), Xbox One is approximately 34x26x8cm – more set-top box than console, and noticeably larger than the launch version of the Xbox 360.


Did some digging on the original Xbox and Amazon has the console at:

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 10.5 x 4 inches ; 4 pounds

Wow! I knew Xbox One had a chance to win in the width department but height and girth I thought for sure would go to the original Xbox; based on these estimates however it seems that the Xbox One overall is significantly bigger. From the eye test I would say the first Xbox looks fatter and taller  but 4 pounds!? Sheesh! Let’s hope the Xbox One is not that heavy huh?

OF course we won’t be able to tell exactly which is bigger just from pictures and estimated specs but until we can get finalized numbers on both, or get both consoles side by side, which in your opinion looks bigger?

CCU wants to hear from you.


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  1. 13 x 10.5 x 4 inches = 33.02 x 26.67 x 10.16 cm
    which is not significantly bigger then
    34 x 26 x 8 cm

    • I meant to says “not significantly smaller”

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