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Where The Heck Is Tekken x Street Fighter?

Here we are in 2014 and still no sign of Tekken x Street Fighter.

A while back, 2010 San Diego Comic Con to be exact, Tekken x Street Fighter and Street Fighter x Tekken were announced,  since then Street Fighter x Tekken has been released (2012) but Tekken x Street Fighter still is  nowhere to be found. In fact it went the rest of the generation (A game announced for the PS3, Xbox 360 ) and early into the next gen without a release. Not only that no new information, no trailers, no updates no nothing has arisen except for maybe a  “It’s still coming”.

The Namco Bandai version of the two crossover games was the one I was really looking forward to; I love me some Street Fighter and as I touched on in myStreet Fighter X Tekken VS Tekken X Street Fighter which one’s for you?” article, logic would say go with the version that more resembles the experience (classic Street Fighter) that I’m used to, but no! I’m more intrigued with playing Street Fighter in true polished 3D — Tekken Style!

Something about experiencing Street Fighter in a way that’s never been done before is something I’m ready for. Part of the intrigue for me is also curious just to see if they could pull off the darn thing!

Now that we are in the PS4/Xbox One era what’s going to happen with this title? Is it a next gen title now? Will it even be made? I’ve always worried that this title would never see the light of day because of the challenge it presents — making the transition a workable, competent, smooth, 3D  experience when it is a 2D game at its core and has been since its creation — still thriving by the way, even though it exists in a 3D majority world — a  gaming world where technology advancement and art direction has matured way past such. I guess it’s not that impossible to pull off though, Mortal Kombat vs DC sort of had the blueprint albeit it could be taken a step further

By the way am I the only one waiting to see if Namco Bandai could pull this game off? The only one that remembers it’s even suppose to come out?

Where The Heck Is Tekken x Street Fighter? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Ive also been waiting for this title to come out ever since its announcement .. I can’t wait to see akuma square of with kazuya or ryu and jin duke it out in the tekken/3D universe. And I also understand the challange of trying to convert the street fighter 2D playing stlyle to fit in and flow in the tekken universe but I believe it can be done! And if pulled off successful this can be the greatest fighting crossover/ fighting game in general of all time ..

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