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What should you love about the PS4?

Seems like a pretty straightforward question right. Well to answer the title of this article’s question maybe one might have to ask: What did I love about the PS3? Here is a list of things the PS3 did right:

-Awesome exclusives

-free online services

-PlayStation HOME (in a sense)

-PlayStation Move integration

-Wi-fi access straight out the box

-Backwards compatibility

After pointing those things out one might think “WOW the PS4 must be awesome!” Well you could be wrong as some of those things may not be available or altered in some way. That’s right the PS4 (from recent news) seems to be shaking things up.

There won’t be any backwards compatibility. Sony is looking to charge games for online services. PlayStation Home looks to be overhauled. Where does it leave you the gamer in all of this? Well some things look to be new and or improved. The controller for instance seems to be moving forward in a Wii U fashion. Integrating gaming straight from it. The Internet service seems to be moving in the path of the 360/720 realms creating a tight knit community. The specs seem to be leaps and bounds better and will give us games like: Uncharted 4, MGS sequels, GOD of War sequels, and many more fantastic franchise sequels and some impressive original new games.

All in all the PS4 may be taking some things away, but if you wait and be patient gamers might find that Sony has some pretty good tricks up its sleeve. With the thrill of competition and healthy marketing attitude things are looking up and up for Sony and you the gamer. You may not want to hold your breath, but with any luck the PS4 will be the next gen gaming system gamers have been waiting for. PEACE

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