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Werewolves and Vampires in Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim?

What was the last game you’ve seen where werewolves or vampires was pulled off so well that it was considered one of the best games that you have ever played? I would say for me the Legacy of Kain series for vampires. However, I have not seen a game that pulls off werewolves well. But you should agree that these creatures bring a lot of potential to almost any form of entertainment that they touch. Also these creatures are not new to the Elder Scrolls series; they are actually tied into the series pretty deep. That being said there have been many people that asked about shape shifting into maybe a Vampire or Werewolf on the gameinformer’s website when information was being released about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in January. So much that it was even mentioned in the “Special Edition Podcast.” The interviewers asked about shape shifting.
“I can say that… we are fans of that stuff as well, and we are currently messing with all of that. So I don’t want to commit to ‘here are the things you can change into’ and what they’re like right now. Not because we’re not doing it, or not attempting to, I just don’t know, honestly, where that’s going to end up and how deep we’re going to get into that.If you look at the Bloodmoon expansion we did for Morrowind, which is probably the thing that we did that’s closest to Skyrim in some flavor, you know, the main gist of that was you become a werewolf. So, we do have some experience doing that… not too long ago,” Todd Howard, one of the game developers for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game, said.
I have also seen plenty of post on Skyrim’s forums that displayed interest for the abilities to shape shift. I personally think that Skyrim should have the shape shifting ability for the following reasons.

– Lycanthropy (disease that causes the werewolf transformation) is actually part of the Elder Scrolls lore and has a legitimate history in the games such as appearing in Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind DLC titled “Bloodmoon”. Read more on the Lore here
-Vampirism (disease that causes the vampires transformation) is also part of the Elder Scrolls lore and has made an appearance in Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Read more on the lore here

-It can attract even more attention to the game if used in marketing scheme.

-It could boast one of the best utilizations of vampires and werewolves in gaming history.

– Now with newer technology, it is possible to pull off more things such as having special abilities like improved speed or power for the transformed character and cool attack animations.

– Newcomers to the series that have never played any previous Elder Scrolls games where these creatures are featured can now experience it with better technology.
– It would not make sense for Bethesda to not include it and have the fans wait five more years to have these creatures in a future Elder Scrolls game.

So having all of that said please tell us at how you feel about Vampires and Werewolves possibly in Skyrim, do you really want to see it? If you do then a simple comment can make a lot of difference when the developer’s read this.

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  1. I have never played any of the Elder Scrolls game. But if they include vampires and werewolves that can shapeshift oh man oh man….and the winner for game of the year goes to….ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM!!!

  2. want… werewolves… now!!!!

    It would add so much more fun to the game if they included werewolves in skyrim.
    also, skyrim will definitely be the game of the year, it will beat from dust and portal 2 into oblivion. *no pun intended*

  3. played morrowind and oblivion but morrowind is better hands done besides graphics of course. once i got to bloodmoon and had so much fun running around killing i didn’t complete main quest –hircine’s ring was loop hole around disease . could he interact with other werewolves DLC- wolfs den?

    vampires were a little boring in oblivion only 1 faction and couldnt speak to many other bloodsuckers

    cant wait for SKYRIM ps. plz more info on npcs do they still sit,walk, stupid sayings or do they pretend to actually exist

  4. yes both definitely.
    never played blood moon, but oblivion vampires could have been vastly improved and I really hope this happens.
    they should be complete game changers. such as being a vampire you could not just interact with anyone without them calling for the guard and wanting to kill you, having to sneak into city’s undetected. (an idea for this could be that you would have to scour the walls undetected to enter the city). having vampire slayers track you down (without it being annoying). Also, if new to contracting the disease then you would be alone in the game until you find others like yourself to help with living. also you could blackmail humans to do errands that you could not do your self like speak to certain merchants etc. (kidnap them, scare them with you gang, threaten them to do some thing).

    Also, animation needs to be slick. such as jumping up to usually unreachable ledges. when attacking someone to feed (as you don’t want dead meet) from the darkness and pinning them down to suck. you should be able to have sudden burst of speed for surprise attacks and fast movement whilst fighting, climbing etc. but have a metre similar to fatigue or use the fatigue bar to stop the ability to use all the time.

    All this when at full stage vamparism. when at earlier stages of vamparism scaled down abilities other wise you would have no cons against all them new lovely pros. and the reason of feeding is to stay at stage one and be able to continue to do normal quests, otherwise it will just be quests and story with vampires and other creatures that you can interact with.

    • You have some very good ideas, but I’m not sure if Bethesda will go that deep because remember this is not purely a vampire or werewolf game, they are basically just added into the lore. Unless the main story is revolved around vampires or werewolves I don’t think they will go that far. Now having that said, I’m just hoping at least the mechanics are added into the game so modders can do the rest. But if you are really serious about this idea, I recommend you learn how to mod with the Geck software since its Bethesda’s latest creation software, and its free. So you can get kind of a head start in modding, if I have time I’m going to do that myself.

    • Imagine if as a warewolf you could attack a Vampire liar. Or be one or the other and take down a city with your clan. Maybe be able to own that city and re-claim it in the name of Vampires or Warewolves. There your kind can form a stronghold from witch-hunters and all of Skyrim.

  5. To Vampires: Hell yes
    To Warewolves: Hell freaking yes

    The Elder Scrolls’ games have always been numero uno in my gaming experience. Good graphics and hundreds of hours of gamplay = a game everyone loves. Everyone gets tired of a gorgeous game that you can finish in a day.

    One thing I will always love about the Elder Scrolls is the side missions: a band of theives and assassins, the different guilds, and most of all, transformations. However, something that the transformations lack is debth. You don’t need to make Skyrim revolve around Lycanthropy or Vampirism, just more involved pursuit of the different species. Like the Dark Brotherhood, a both lovable and sadistic addition that required many missions and rewards. I would love to run around Skyrim and happen to find a cave where a clan of warewolves have posted up. You can do certain tasks to be invited into the “pack” and have missions to do with them whilst having a home in the caves. Same thing with Vampires. But the age old clash between the Vampires and Warewolves is something that must be considered.

    The cave brings me to another point, I have always wanted to find a desolate cave and clear it out of enemies then be able to call it home while i store my Inventory there. It was a let down when i returned to a once visited cave and the previously killed creatures had re-inhabited it and took all my things. In Morrowind i remember being able to decorate a cave with my armor and helms and everything was still there after months of game time. That is something i wish to return in Skyrim.

    Love the dragons!

  6. I’ve played both, Morrowind and Oblivion, and I think the shapeshifting into either werewolves or vampires is a great feature that was placed in the game. I would be very happy to see lycanthropy and vampirism in Skyrim. At least, lycanthropy.

  7. I have played the bloodmoon and tribunal exspantions allso morowind and the oblivion for console i liked bloodmoon exspantion beter than tribunal and morowind on its own because you can become a werewolve. So i hope they put it on the new elder scrolls v skyrim allso vampires but mostly werewolves and a few other werwolves.

  8. Out of the elder scrolls series i’ve only played oblivion but i played it for at least a thousand hours and being a vampire was usually very helpful although the sun damage verses abilities the abilities weren’t worth the extra sun damage but if they can have both vampires and werewolves with abilities worth having and maybe even storyline for them just to make them a lil more interesting and maybe have other vampires be more friendly to you when you are a vampire cause i spent a while in oblivion tryin to find an army of vampires or atleast a group to hangout with it but sably no but ya sounds like a great idea for both to be in it

  9. i would love to see werewolves and vampires in skyrim it would be amazing and incredibly enjoyable however as far as vampires go i think there should be a few more positives to even out the sun problem for one i wouldnt make the appearance of the vampire so ugly 😛 i also honestly think your powers should be stronger at less percentage not as strong as a hundred percent but at least more controlled and as far as the appearance goes i would have a transformation type inner power where you transform and maybe use claws instead of fists (nothing should change as far as weapon wise though) similar to how they do on the lost boys that way the whole run get the guards thing doesnt have to be a problem. and with werewolves theres really not alot you can do with that to mess it up so long as you stick to traditionals like silver weapons are harmful and other then that near indestructible and you have to feed every transformation etc but thats my view on those two species, i really am curious if/hopefully make the game and how they play.

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