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Was the Madden 25 Cover Vote rigged?

There might be a saying  that goes “if your thinking it others out there may feel the same way”, well…

Watching the Madden 25 “Run Free”  trailer followed by browsing the Youtube comments — actually contributing my own comments; suggesting to EA Sports to update RG3’s (QB of the Washington Redskins) hair, it looks like the same exact model from last years version, Madden 13. And also suggesting to introduce the Nike gloves that was implemented in the NFL a year ago. It seems painfully obvious there is a absence of mirroring the “new look” NFL in that department, it too looks like the same exact gloves from last year.

However it was not my comments, but someone else’s comments that  fueled this article; bringing up something interesting regarding the validity of the Madden 25 ‘Cover Vote’ winner.

Conspiracy Theory

the cover is rigged ,obviously for the 25 anniversery they had to have a oldschool player and since all the talk is about running styles it makes no sense to have a quarterback in here and barry sanders fits the bill— Quote from YouTube commenter millsc0913

Strong accusations ay? But he at least got me to consider it. Why did a running back win?

Yes! Barry Sanders (former running back of the Detroit Lions) while it’s very believable a legend and Hall of Famer won it’s also very coincidental — brought out by the Youtube commenter that EA Sports just happens to be promoting a new run mechanic, ( Run Free)  a mechanic that very much tailors to Barry Sanders strengths. Barry, during his days in the NFL was a juking, spinning, cutting, cut backing beast.  The King of  “make you miss” and it seems EA this year with Madden 25 is attempting to give you more control to get your “Barry” on, conspiracy? Hmmm.

If you wanted to strengthen the “theory” it actually came down to Barry and Adrian Peterson (Superstar running back for the Minnesota Vikings). Wow! Two running backs were finalists, two running backs who most represent what EA is selling and two running backs in the finals would ensure a running back would win the cover vote.

Funny I almost disregarded the comment as anything until his explanation. Everyone that is a Madden fan knows EA will highlight at least one new game mechanic, with said mechanic being marketed as what will make this years version worth the purchase.

The Overall

Be clear, I’m not personally accusing EA of anything I just found the comment “interesting” and someone who wanted to accuse EA definitely had enough for the makings of a conspiracy theory, add to that the community already doesn’t trust the franchise to deliver a high quality product. EA has been known —  in the public eye to do shady things in the past like bring a feature back from the past and label it new, or buying out the NFL license — thus nullifying competition. Throw in recently being voted ‘worst company in America’ — again couldn’t help. They don’t exactly have a long leash in regards to confidence from Madden fans; trust meter is at an all time low. So whether the accusation is true or not  it probably doesn’t matter. Frustrated Madden gamers who believe this or who are in inclined to believe this may have already disregarded the franchise as the chants for competition get louder and louder.

Side Note* I did expect Jerry Rice, The Hall of Fame Wide Receiver formerly of the San Francisco 49ers to win.

Was the Madden 25 Cover Vote rigged? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Why would they rig the cover? If they only wanted runningbacks, they would have made every possible candidate a runningback. Why would you take youtube commenters seriously in the first place? It’s the Middle East of the internet. Everyone who comments on youtube is either a scumbag or mong. Barry won because he is the most widely respected player to ever play the game. He was a living legend on the field, and his character and attitude was even more so. To be honest, you do seem like a youtube commenter if you ask for trivial features like “updating” and gloves that make no difference to the gameplay or even the look of it. I want to know why the cornerback mechanics are so crappy. Every route the recievers run is so painstakingly obvious because they run it robotically. Why isn’t there an option to chew the clock when you decide to? Why does the accelerated clock turn off in the last minutes of a half when you have the lead? Why can’t they make it so that speed and agility aren’t the only stats that matter? The game is garbage and every stupid suggestion all of you make (tattoos? You wouldn’t even be able to see them on a white guy from the usual camera angles, let alone a black guy.) They need to completely rehaul the franchise from scratch and bring in a fresh new team of developers as well as let someone with ambition and some actual creativity run the project. Just the same as the Chargers, EA and Tiburon have been complacent.

    • It’s all just speculation, dont take it too seriously thats why it’s posed as a question but i found it ironic that it came down to two running backs, therefore ensuring that that position wins. I did say though that barry winning is not far fetched at all he is a legend and hall of famer and was niiiiiice! whenever he touched that field, but i still thought in a world of popularity contests Rice would’ve edge him out. Heck! forget wide receiver people argue that he is the best football player of all time.

      As far as the updating gloves and hair two reasons why I did it. One, I only based my requests off of the trailer, you couldnt tell whether or not they upgraded in the areas you mentioned — trust! My madden 25 wishlist is coming. Two, i’m a gamer that’s heavy into immersion and in this case authenticity (i bet you dont want to see a ball headed rg3, it’ll probably take you out the experience) Every thing EA nails adds to the overall experience, even the so called trivial things. Gamers that are really into the sport dont just want to play with rg3 they want to believe thats rg3, this is just an example.

      I however agree there is a lot of work that needs to be done and a overhaul is more than welcomed I write continually about these things and I still have more writing to do. Here’s one article I wrote addressing such, “Top 5 video game engines that need to be overhauled”.

  2. Just watched the release for all the EA games and they say Peterson is going to be on the cover. So what was the point of the vote?

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