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Wait…Did Geoff Keighley unknowingly spoil the end of The Last of Us?

With The Last of Us shipping in less than a month gamers  across the world are gearing up and getting excited to finally be able to have the game in their very own hands. But funny enough it’s what happened a month ago that has the potential to snatch that excitement right from under “Us” — a interview conducted by Gametrailers’  own Geoff Keighley which begs the question, did he just unknowingly spoil the end of the game?

As I came across the interview called “Enter the Apocalypse”, (you can view it below) Geoff Keighley along with Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley (Directors of The Last of Us) talk TLOU and reveal all the cool things you can do and expect from the upcoming horror title, then that’s when it happened and caught me completely off guard. It’s what Geoff Keighley said —  ironically at the END of the interview and bigger than what he said it’s how Druckmann and Straley reacted.

So Geoff Keighley asks Druckmann and Straley something to the degree of what part of the game in the footage I played tonight set? Is it the early part of the game? While they explain it’s about a 3rd of the way in, Keighley chimes in, “Before Joel’s been “turned” right?”. This is then met with awkward silence before he follows up with “Just kidding ha ha ha”, which if you don’t know in zombie talk “turned” means to change into one of “them”.  Then, that was greeted by some uncomfortable laughter from the directors as if to say, “Aw man! He just ruined it for everybody just keep laughing hopefully no one noticed.

Pictured above, Geoff Keighley

Wow! Well, Keighley’s statement alone doesn’t signify that if such an event were to take place it would happen at the end but I say end because Joel is the main character and from the looks of things he will be the only character we play with so him “turning” anytime before the end wouldn’t make sense.

What gives me hope that this is not the case is that I’m pretty sure if  he really ruined it they would have strongly requested that particular part of the interview be edited out.

I’m torn though because I loooove that particular plot so I almost want that to carry itself out. However I’m hoping coming across this information doesn’t ruin it for me either by me overly thinking about it and expecting it throughout my whole playthrough “He’s gonna  turn!, He’s gonna to turn!”; not enjoying the journey to said turn or worst he doesn’t turn and the game reaps a less compelling ending — thus being disappointed, not necessarily because the ending was bad but just because I harped too much on seeing that particular “turn” ending play out.

Here’s the video, you can forward it to 10:15 to see exactly the part I’m describing:

Do you think Geoff Keighley unknowingly spoiled The Last of Us? Will Joel Turn? CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Who cares? It’s gonna be a shitty game anyway.

  2. Not really a spoiler. It’s pretty obvious. We’ve all seen the clip of Joel getting bit!

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