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Uncharted 4 Will Be Revealed At The 2013 Spike VGA’s — Just A Hunch

As the anticipation and rumblings of the existence and development of Uncharted 4 get bigger and bigger —  I myself can’t wait to see how the new Uncharted runs on the PS4 with all that alleged power and more importantly Naughty Dog’s brain behind it I have a hunch on when we’ll actually see this game for the first time.

Although not confirmed these 3 clues might give us some insight.

A suspicious –  random clue

So for something to be revealed it has to exist right?

First, the suspicious, very random mind you Uncharted game listing for the PS4 popping up in a Germany GameStop, revealed by PSU.

Although many can write it off and will only accept a Naughty Dog-backed confirmation, GameStop is a respected outlet and it could be argued how a new Uncharted could just randomly pop up in its database.

These things have been known to go on before, with a retailer letting the “cat out the bag” too early only to later retract and take it down. And since  we know Uncharted 4 is most likely and inevitable release on the “4” it may not be as  far-fetched or as far-off as we may think.

A indirect co-sign from the star of the game

Second; To bring further credence to its existence — possibly, and also possibly ready to be shown sometime soon is Nolan North himself, the voice actor of  Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series) with his “I’ve seen some stuff…I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay” quote regarding the PS4. Now because of the relationship with ND and the aforementioned inevitability of said game, again it would not be far-fetched if he was actually seeing gameplay of Uncharted 4.

But…not so fast, here’s some more of the quote from PlayStation Lifestyle via GamerHub:

“I’ve seen some stuff… gameplay… that they’re testing for… I don’t remember what game it was but they were doing some testing on the PS4 and I couldn’t believe it was gameplay

On the surface you could say YES he didn’t say it was Uncharted 4 he was viewing, in fact he says he doesn’t remember what game it was…or…is he just being coy? I guess depending on how you look at it. But C’mon Nolan! The pauses, the you forgot what game it was — really? Something that blew you away? I doooon’t knooow Nolaaaan, sounds a little suspicious to me, protecting the code of the NDA (Non disclosure agreement) Ay? Just poking fun but it could be telling.

On the other hand it could also be said, as the interviewer himself indicated Nolan is in everything! With a history of voice acting credit to his name in video games so extensive it might be easier to ask what game hasn’t he been in than what game he has, so truthfully it could’ve been any game he saw. I could see how this observation could mean nothing, but then again you have to read between the lines, shhh, right Nolan? 😉

Follow the Trends

Thirdly, and perhaps the most telling is that Naughty seems to be starting a trend with their game reveals at the VGA’s.  It seems that they’re getting settled  and are most comfortable doing their first-time reveals there.  It might become a staple of how they do business  going forward, using the Spike VGA stage as their preferred platform to launch their game campaigns, which started with Uncharted 2, then Uncharted 3, and most recently, The Last of Us — could they make it  4 in a row? Get it? 4, in a row.  Gosh! Even the trend is rooted in four, not to mention on PlayStation 4. Man, this is getting freaky.

Just A Hunch

Of course to reiterate this is all just a hunch and is not to be perceived as fact although the surrounding FACTS could very well lead to the FACT.

Just the overall energy and pop-ups surrounding Uncharted 4 makes me think we’re not far from seeing something of a reveal — The VGA’s just seem like a perfect target spot.

Do you think Uncharted 4 will be making an appearance at this year’s Spike VGA’s? CCU wants to hear from you.

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