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Uncharted 3: The Lab – 5 v 5 Team Death Match – Riot Shields, Arm Micros, and Grenades

Source: Naughty Dog Blog

An update for Uncharted 3 is currently live and it contains ‘The Lab’ gameplay type. If your not sure what The Lab is, it’s a special gameplay mode that you would not normally find in the default game types and lasts for a limited amount of time. Naughty Dog will release these special game types from time to time and mix it up with different ┬ámaps, styles, and weapons.

Featured in this Lab is 5v5 Team death match with weapons including riot shields, arm micros (Uzi) and grenades.

Also with this update comes a minor fix where it will correct any trouble you may have previously had if you owned all or some of the DLC map packs and it would not appear even if you had DLC toggled on in the menus.

Here’s what you should be seeing when you play:

I have “___” Installed Toggle On Toggle Off
No DLC Default Default
FBMP 1 Only Default Default
FBMP 2 Only DLC Default
UC3DDMP Only Default Default
FBMP1 & 2 DLC Default
FBMP 1 & 2 & DDMP DLC Default
FBMP 1 & DDMP Default Default
FBMP 2 & DDMP DLC Default


More ‘The Lab’ sessions are scheduled and more info on patch 1.13 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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