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Uncharted 3: Patch 1.13 – Gameplay Fixes, DLC, New System — Part 1

Source: Naughty Dog Blog

Naughty Dog:

“Patch 1.13 is massive and it’s coming this August. This is the first of a few blog updates about the patch content.”


Naughty Dog is releasing a new patch (Patch 1.13) for Uncharted 3 and it will arrive August 14th. This patch will contain new DLC and some gameplay fixes.

Here are the details:


  • Increased recoil has been added to the G-MAL
  • Deathmatch will now appear in round 5 instead of round 3 in Team Objective game modes
  • Quitting out of Co-op will no longer count as a Competitive loss when signing-out/disconnecting
  • Lab games no longer count towards the Leaderboard
  • Death from Above medal now requires the player to be at least 2 meters off the ground
  • Players can earn more than 1 “Here, Hold This Medal” in a match
  • A collection of trophies have been added for each DLC pack available
  • The TAU Sniper Pistol has been tuned so the rate of fire is up 30% and you pick 6 instead of 3 bullets upon collecting new ammo now
  • The M9 blindfire accuracy has been reduced by 10% efficiency
  • Cloaked level 3 is now immune to the effects of Disruption (it wasn’t working properly so we fixed it)

According to Naughty Dog more fixes to come and their offering a soundtrack of exclusive remixes they added to the multiplayer “Powerplay”  for free, you can download it here. These include the theme (remixed) to London, Love Boat, Desert, Chateau and a few others.

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