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Uncharted 3 first DLC pack– details

Naughty Dog will indeed be releasing DLC and according to Shacknews a lot of it. So this should be one of many.

How much? About $45 (total) to be exact if you choose not to opt into the trendy “Season Pass” that seems to be the choice of game publishers nowadays. If your not familiar a “Season Pass” is a program — if you will, that allows consumers to purchase all the DLC of a particular title  for a discounted  price — in this case Uncharted 3.

So what’s in the DLC? Well ND will be starting it off with a skins pack. Characters from Uncharted 2’s multiplayer mode, such as Flynn and Tenzen, will be playable. In total there should be about 26 skins to choose from.

Shacknews is also reporting via  Famitsu, that the pack will be available shortly after the game’s release. In Japan, the skins will cost 50 yen each. A discounted bundle will also be offered, but has yet to be priced. More details should follow.



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