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Uncharted 3: Patch 1.13 Notes – The Full Rundown and its HUGE!!!

Source: Naughty Dog Blog

Patch 1.13 is available right now and its Huge!  Although available now, some content won’t become live until Aug 14 via a PSN store update. New DLC will be included in this update. Read on for full details.These details are straight from Naughty Dog:

Character Items

DLC content will be rolling out on a weekly basis starting August 14 As you see we’re adding over 100 pieces of unique, new content to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer in this patch. The upcoming DLC can be unlocked either by earning the necessary in-game levels, completing specific treasure sets through playing or via a PS Store purchase if you’d rather unlock a certain item more quickly. A couple items, such as the Jak Goggles, can only be bought and any items related to the two new Legacy levels we’re introducing in patch 1.13 must be earned. All DLC content will be rolling out on a weekly basis starting August 14 and continuing until September 4. We’ll have a weekly blog post on to detail the content and specifics of each drop.

Aside from DLC, there’s a ton more to patch 1.13. Before reading on, if you’d rather hear us talk about all that’s happening here’s a video that rolls through the entire patch notes:

Block Mesh Maps

As mentioned in the video above and teased previously, we’re very excited to announce that new experimental block mesh maps are coming to The Lab. Block mesh maps are maps of colored block mesh that have been designed by the imaginative artists and designers here at Naughty Dog to provide some wild and distinct multiplayer gameplay. We’ll be posting a schedule for the upcoming labs in the near future so be on the lookout over on

Tournament System

A major aspect of this patch is that we’re introducing a whole new system to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. The Tournament System ushers in a points-based competition that rewards you with in-game weapons and items. There will be three reward tiers which grant you special in-game weapons or items based on how well you’ve played. Once you unlock a weapon or item it’s yours to use until the next tournament period. The points formula for the tournament is as follows: We’re introducing a whole new system to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer.

Points = [1000 + (100*kills) + (25*assists) – (80*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]

The math just helps to keep the numbers nice, clean and round. A tournament leaderboard will be added to the leaderboards section so you can track your skill level among your friends. For a look at the tournament system, and insight into how it all works, check out the video and Q&A over on IGN as it covers off the rules and specifics and features Lead Multiplayer Designer Robert Cogburn and Gameplay Designer Robert Ryan.

Patch 1.13 Details

While new Labs, new DLC and the Tournament System are the major elements of Patch 1.13, there’s a laundry list of other changes and improvements we made to the multiplayer experience.  Here’s a list of all the features added and gameplay changes that will arrive in patch 1.13.


  • 137 brand new custom parts among all skins
  • New Custom parts for every UNCHARTED character skin (75 total items)
  • 2 brand new character skins (Spyder and Djinn skin)
  • 25 new emblem parts
  • 11 new taunts for purchase in the PS Store
  • 25 new treasures sets, 50 new treasures to accompany the new head gear with stats (2 treasures per set per head gear)
  • 27 Custom Hero/Villain head gear with stats
  • New Cowboy items (2 full sets for Custom Heroes and 2 full sets for Custom Villains [torso, head, arms, legs and feet] for a total of 20 new parts)
  • Jak Goggles for every character (available for purchase only)
  • 10 trade show shirts for Custom Heroes/Villains (5 unique shirts for each) now available for purchase
  • 4 trade show long guns and 4 trade show pistols now available for purchase
  • The Last Of Us Shirts (Both FREE!, 1 for Custom Hero and 1 for Custom Villain, different color scheme for each)
  • Make.Believe skin, parts & taunts (all of the Make.Believe content is FREE!)
    • 1 Make.Believe Skin (Spyder)
    • 6 New Taunts
    • Custom M9
    • 1 New Custom Torso Item
    • 1 New Custom Head item
    • 1 New Custom Legs item
    • 1 New Custom Feet item
    • All new Make.Believe character parts are also available for the Custom Hero & Villain
  • The option to buy and use new or currently in-game items without having to reach the level requirement
  • Experimental Block Mesh Lab Maps
  • 50 New Trophies
    • 10 per DLC pack (3 Silver, 7 bronze per pack)
    • Must own the DLC pack to earn progression
    • User does not earn trophies based on previous activities
  • Tournament System
    • New Ticketing system. User gets 10 free tickets at the start of each tournament
    • New Tournament occurs on 1 week cycle
      • Bronze tier earns Gold AK, Gold G-MAL, Gold M9 (prizes are unlocked for the entire duration of the next tournament cycle)
      • Silver Tier unlocks Shade Jacket and Shade Armor (prizes are unlocked for the entire duration of the next tournament cycle)
      • Gold Tier unlocks Shade Clown Mask, Shade Skull Mask, Shade Glasses (prizes are unlocked for the entire duration of the next tournament cycle)
      • Leaderboard integration
      • Special long Term Prize (Djinn Skin for getting 6 Gold Tiers is unlocked permanently)
  • 2 New Legacy levels (Legacy 4 and Legacy 5) with an increased Cash requirement to complete
  • New Legacy items to unlock
  • Highwayman Mask unlocks at Legacy 4
  • Lucha Mask unlocks at Legacy 5
  • 5 Emblem Parts unlock at Legacy 5 (Two Skulls, Demon, Mad Scientist, Shade Skull, Super Skull)
  • Legacy 5 Level 75 unlocks new versions of the 4 clown masks, now with stats
  • New level badges
  • Sniper-Pistole TDM gametype has been added to the Advanced Game Settings


  • Increased recoil has been added to the G-MAL
  • Deathmatch will now appear in round 5 instead of round 3 in Team Objective game modes
  • Quitting out of Co-op will no longer count as a Competitive loss when signing-out/disconnecting
  • Lab games no longer count towards the Leaderboard
  • Death from Above medal now requires the player to be at least 2 meters off the ground
  • Players can earn more than 1 “Here, Hold This Medal” in a match
  • A collection of trophies have been added for each DLC pack available (50 total new trophies)
  • The TAU Sniper Pistol has been tuned so the rate of fire is up 30% and you pick 6 instead of 3 bullets upon collecting new ammo now
  • The M9 blindfire accuracy has been reduced by 10% efficiency
  • Cloaked level 3 is now immune to the effects of Disruption (it wasn’t working properly so we fixed it)
  • Marked Men now migrates properly to another player if the marked man drops form the game
  • Gunfire is no longer silent when using the shield
  • Teleporting with Smoke Bomb while holding the Idol is no longer possible
  • An issue with the shield that allowed players to remotely control the turret has been fixed

Whew! That’s the full rundown on Patch 1.13. Check back here on August 14th for more specifics about the DLC as it starts to roll out. Look for more information on about the tournament system between now and the 14th as well. As always fire away with some comments to let us know what you think and any questions you might have. See you online!


We made a few live updates for the patch today and here’s a quick rundown:

  • Golden Abyss Drake and Guerro Skins are now FREE!
  • If you had unlocked Redshirt Drake during the Subway Taste for Adventure, he is now available to you.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect points calculation being awarded for winning a match while using a Tournament Ticket
  • Fixed an issue with the Spyder M9 having all mods unlocked (now set to Call Out and Max Ammo)
  • Corrected the points formula for the tournament system (see Tournament System heading)

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