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Top 5 Needed Skyrim Mods

Skyrim is a great game out of the box and my personal game of the year. Having that said it’s only human nature to want more right? So it’s that very reason why I chose to buy Skyrim on PC because of the very dedicated modding community. If you don’t know what mods are I’ll let you know my personal definition. Mods- Free DLC for the people by the people. So with that said here is my personal needed mods for Skyrim.

1. Better Companions– Well based off of my experience and what other people said about companions I think it’s pretty much a known fact that the companions in Skyrim lack personality. Bottom line is we want to know the story behind these people and hopefully have a fully fleshed out quest line. This is possible with mods and actually you can even mod in voices too for new characters. So Better Companions is something that needs to be modded in this already epic game.

2. More Armor and Weapons– Ok I can’t tell you how addicted I was to adding armor and weapon mods to previous Bethesda games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion. There is never enough ways to make your character look better with both weapons and armor. So once the modding tool comes out my addiction will soon come back to life.

3. Improved Werewolves– The werewolves in Skyrim are already great but I would love to see them even deeper than they are. I want everything from different kinds to clans scattered across Skyrim. I would also like to see a animation where you can walk on all fours for stalking purposes. Maybe even a sniffing the air animation for detecting life around you. One of the main things I want though is to actually get infected by a werewolf in the wilds and change on the full moons uncontrollably.

4. More Guilds– Guilds are something that the Elder Scrolls games has always had and Skyrim is no different. But I have always felt that the existing guilds could be expanded on even after you have finished all of the quests and became leader. Perhaps being able to recruit people and send them on missions which if done successfully can equal money. Perhaps the person you sent may not make it back, well you can go to the location and investigate. I also would like to see new guilds, the one I see most potential in is a hunters guild. Skyrim has tons of creatures to kill and already has hunter NPC’s so I say a mod should go all out and make a hunters guild.

5. More Creatures– Ok remember that addiction to weapons and armor I mentioned earlier? Forget that. The addiction just multiplied with creatures. As sad as it sounds, there is never enough stuff to kill in Skyrim. Its always nice to see something new off in the distance and think to yourself what the heck is that. I think more creatures also brings the game world alive. Also more creatures can tie into more things than just killing them, like more hide armor, more quest, and more oh my god I’m about to die moments. Those never get old.

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  1. this was such a non-article. its just words i felt nothing after reading this trash except why did i waste my time

  2. Holy shit i loved this! Great ideas bro now get them made and published to this website RIGHT NEOW

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