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Top 10 games of 2012

 Top 10 games of 2012

Here we are at the end of another year. We all know what that means. That’s right …there are many sites, award shows and gamers putting together a list or nominations for who they thought was the best game. Well this article may be no different in that sense. There was a staunch amount of competition for title of Game of the Year (GOTY) and it was not an easy choice to make. Nevertheless choice is indeed what brought you to this list and many like it.

The year started off very slow gained a little steam and then faltered again by summer. Sure there were sequels; exclusive DLC here and there, but what about those AAA titles? Well those came more towards the latter months this year.

This is a very surprising thing seeing as how the world is supposed to end. Game developers seemingly released hit after hit starting in September. Anyway it was still a decent year to be a gamer. With all that being said let’s get into it…I mean you didn’t come here to read chatter right?

10. NBA 2K13

Coming in at number 10 is a game that has crushed its competition for the last 5 years. So much so that the competition (NBA Live) had to bow out of the running for the last two years. NBA 2K13 hits its mark everywhere it should as a basketball game, but also better than any other sports game on the market. With precise controls, ultra accurate gameplay and pulse pounding licensed music who couldn’t love this title? This game throws in bonus teams, historical match ups and a CRAZY shoe editor that not only lets you create a shoe, but lets you send it in as a design to Nike. Who else is doing that (No one that’s who)?

What keeps this game from slam dunking the competition? It might be such things as the type of game it is, a couple of glitches and it wouldn’t have hurt to put the whole Olympic team roster in there for some tournament action. All in all it beat a lot of other games out for this spot.

9. WWE 13

This game is downright awesome in and of its self. With that being said the reason it’s number 9 lets you know there must be some really killer games ahead. With its massive roster, varied superstars (three versions of Kane and Triple H), huge Universe Mode and YES the ‘Attitude Era’ coming back, this game was destined for greatness much like “The Great One” himself the ROCK. The Universe Mode will have you busy for weeks on its own. The create-a-modes are crazy detailed and you can share all the content online. Finally the ‘Attitude Era’ captures those moments in time when wrestling was a “must watch” thing if you were a fan in the late 90’s. I could go on, but just know that when it comes to wrestling games this game is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there may ever be.

What keeps it from placing its finisher on, and pinning the competition on the list? You’d think that after a decade of making these games Yukes would have fixed the collision detection. The other thing is the graphics. Some of the models look like they could have come from the PlayStation 2/ Xbox era of gaming. We want to go back in time for wrestlers, but not graphics. Listening to each wrestler’s music in the menus is great, but kind of gets old. Finally, the commentation for the ‘Attitude Era’ is awesome, but Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler fall flat during the other modes of gameplay.


If you disagree with where this game falls in line on the list then just know it’s for a reason. If you disagree with it being on the list at all then you ought not to be a gamer. Satisfying in every way that a fighting game can be is the best way to describe this title. It not only contains every fighter to ever step into a Tekken ring, but also includes some awesome new time released DLC. The music will blow your mind. The verity of the fights and depth of gameplay could have you playing until TTT 3.  Bottom line upfront this is the best fighter in the last two years not just this one. Add to that the stiff competitions from games like DOA 5 and SF cross Tekken, that is saying a lot.

What keeps this game from fighting for a higher position on the top? To be honest it’s the competition alone and not the game. TTT 2 does everything right so it would be hard to find a failing.


When it comes to pick up and play, but can’t put down and stop games, Max Payne 3 is high on that list my friends. From the moment you fire this game up you will know that “Things just got real!” Tight fisted, hard boiled shooting and action packed are just a few lines one could use to define this title. If there was a category for most funny character Max Payne would win that hands down. His dead pan humor will have you in stitches from beginning to end. The story is great and seems believable of a man who is still suffering from the loss of a wife and young child. With modes like New York minute and online play this is one tough shooter to beat.

What keeps Max from bullet-timing the competition? Well the campaign albeit astounding is short compared to other games. Also slight graphical hiccups bring it short of climbing higher on the list. Other than those things this is a stellar title.


With each release in the Assassin’s Creed franchise the titles improve in every way. This title is no different. The time period this game is set in has rarely been covered by a game in this light. The revolutionary war was a fascinating period in time (speaking from a Soldier’s point of view). Most of the key players from that era are present too. The gameplay is so addictive they should call it “Assassin’s Crack”. The counters are better, the foes smarter and even though the blend mode is weaker the hunting and fighting animals sections are great. The graphics are crazy especially in HD. This is one game that should be played on the PS3. To see it is to believe it and after seeing this game in action few games can beat it. The voice acting is off the hook and the “message” from the story is engrossing and enlightening a-la Metal Gear Solid. It’s a tough game to beat, but these things happen.

What keeps Assassin’s Creed from stealth killing the top 5 contenders on the list? The arbiter gameplay is still bland as usual, but at least you get to play him more than talk to NPCs. It’s confusing how you go from being a descendant of two men in Europe to being related to a native Indian. Yes the game goes over it, but from a reality stand point one would have to go deep and use to track relations the way this game expects you to.  Those things can be more than forgiven though when compared to what this game has to offer.

5. HALO 4

After thinking Master Chief’s role in HALO 3 ended the story and the fact that Bungie departed with Microsoft a lot of people could assume there wouldn’t be a direct sequel. Well those people are wrong as HALO 4 proves there is still some fight left in an old dog. More of the same is a great way to describe HALO 4. Seeing how well this game is makes up for it being one of the few if not only exclusive for the Xbox 360. Lengthy Campaign, great co-op use and awesome online play show you why people like the series itself. If you waited in line for the midnight release of this game then it can be said when you got home you didn’t get any sleep that night.

What keeps HALO 4 from shooting its way past number 5? Well as good as more of the same is, more of the same can also do you in. There are far superior FPS games out there on the market. The graphics are good, but could have been better. While online play is great it still doesn’t evoke the old days of playing for hours on end for some reason.


From the time you pop this game in till the time you decide to, or can even turn it off you will think of nothing else. Easy to pick up and difficult to put down is the only way to describe this FPS-RPG hybrid. Never before has a game with its type of ambition combine RPG elements with such unbelievable co-op gameplay. Drop in, drop out, drop back in again and things only get better each time. Unlike other games that let you drop in, the game doesn’t penalize you or ban you from playing with another player for petty reasons such as class difference or level placement. The depth of each class is also astounding. Even when playing with someone of the same class types. You can help your fellow gamers in various ways, making this title seem made for co-op play. The guns, guns and more guns are off the meter and will keep your attention as much as the game itself. Trying to decide which gun to keep and use is not as bothersome as one might think, in fact it’s part of this games charm. This is a stellar title and great improvement over its predecessor indeed.

What keeps Borderlands 2 from teaming up and blasting the competition on this list? Well while the graphics are cool ‘cell shading’ has its limits and it shows in this title. While the game allows you to play with higher level people online; it’s best not to because you won’t last long. The story is in a word “WEAK”! In order to be a great RPG the story should be enthralling and with character classes gamers should be able to embed themselves in the shoes of the on screen counterpart while believing and caring about the quest at hand. Borderlands 2 fails to do this, but it’s still a blast to play.


The VGA’s proclaimed this game as GOTY and it’s not hard to see why. If you thought the TV series reels you in and hooks you into an incredible story set to the tune of zombies, then the game one ups that with some heart tugging gameplay. While you don’t actually play the game like regular games (more like Heavy Rain) it still hits high marks. An amazing story takes center stage here as few games can make you care about the outcome of a game such as this one. Much like the TV show you will find yourself wondering, hoping and praying things turn out for the best, but in some cases they just won’t. Is this Game of the Year? Maybe, but it most definitely is story of the year.

What keeps The Walking Dead: The Game from eating the flesh of the competition? Graphics, slight gameplay glitches and minor technical glitches. All those things still can’t compare to the story this game has to tell. Pick this game up for at LEAST a rental as you don’t want to miss it. If you are fan of the show it will fill in nicely while you wait for February to roll around that’s for darn sure.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The long awaited sequel arrived on the scene with a big bang. If one were to fire this game up and go online to their friends list it’s safe to say that most of your friends would be also playing too. To call this game outstanding would be a slap in its face. The story picks up where the last game left off nicely. The characters are very believable, the music fits in perfectly, the graphics are off the meter and the tools and gadgets work unbelievably well. The content of this game really pushes things over the edge of greatness. Online play is part of the reason HALO 4 “bites the dust” — at position number 5. This has got to be one of the best if not THE best FPS shooters since…..well since Call of Duty: Black Ops. It can’t be stressed enough how astounding this game is. Toss in the fact of being able to play in 3D on the PS3 and then you have the sweet, sweet icing on the cake. This game plays very nicely on Xbox 360, but 3D edges out its opponent.

What keeps the black operation mission from taking the only TANGO ahead of it down? To put it plainly…..Content. Even though this game is packed to the hilt the number one spot unfairly has the advantage. Read on and find out why.


There are three things that place Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition at the number one spot on this list:

  1. It’s Batman Arkham City! What does that mean? Well if you played the original last year then you will know how freakishly astounding that game was.
  2. All the previous content ever released from the past Batman comes with the game.
  3. This game is on the new Wii U. That’s not to say it’s a superior system, but place that new Wii U controller into play and things get very interesting.

Aside from stellar graphics, killer gameplay, varied characters, superior storyline and un-forgettable music somehow Rocksteady managed to pack in more gadgets and suit enhancements into the game.

With that being said there is the list for Top Ten games of the year. You may disagree, you may agree, but most lists of this nature are much like a coin; two sides to the story on why the games on it made it. Hopefully things we’re made clear. We encourage you to comment and submit your list. CCU wants to hear from you.


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