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The very best Vampire mods for Skyrim — Create your Perfect Vampire














Have you ever wanted the perfect vampire for Skyrim without it being overpowering? Let’s face it, the vampires in Skyrim are not very good from the start without mods. I hated the fact that if you feed you essentially get weaker. Don’t vampires need blood to survive?

So there are a bunch of vampire mods out there right now but some of the top vampire mods are not being supported anymore by the author. This is important because without updates you are pretty much stuck with the mod that the author left behind. So with that in consideration I did my research and found a mod called ‘Better Vampires’ by Brehanin.

I’m not going to get into specifics about the mod because its on the mod page but I will draw a few selling points.







The MOST customizable Vampire mod available; you choose how you want to play
– Short-term “Stage Progression” AND an optional long-term “Rank Progression”
– Balanced abilities keep your game exciting and fun
– Feeding is under your control and completely rewritten
– Optional random Vampire Hunter encounters
– Completely new special effects, textures, and sounds
– Completely new spells and powers that are unique and add to your gaming experience:
– turn NPCs into Vampires if you want to; have them as followers if you want
– paralyze your enemies with fear and feed off of any NPC – not just those who are asleep
– cause havoc as you attack enemies while remaining invisible the entire time
– cloak yourself in illusion and remove hate for a short time if you want to
charm any NPC to become your follower and fight for you for a short time

So those are just a few points but you can truly customize your experience to your liking. The mod has just been updated recently and has some very cool powers, like being able to take the form of mist/fog and move around the environment. Also there is another ability where you can teleport behind the enemy for a satisfying kill.

As you can see this mod is shaping up to be something huge. And the mod author is not stopping — with future plans for vampire quests that is lore friendly.

Click Here for Better Vampire Mod


Vampire Race











Another mod worth mentioning is a small mod that does a lot for a gamer that wants to start the game as a vampire. It’s called “Vampire Race” and it adds a vampire version of all 10 races when you are trying to select your character in the beginning of the game.

Click Here for Vampire Race Mod


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