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The Look of Madden NFL 12

From EA:


n our quest to give something to everybody, the veteran Madden player, the bewildered rookie and everybody in between will see something that will grab their attention in Madden NFL 12.

We could just say there are cheerleaders in this year’s game and leave it at that. However we know most of you can only understand Madden in terms of your favorite teams and if your squad doesn’t have any cheerleaders, this feature will miss you completely. So how about dynamic lighting, uniform degradation, 3D grass, team entrances and authentic broadcast angles? Taken as a whole, you’ll be getting the authentic game day experience in an NFL stadium right down to silly mascots doing silly things.

Back in the day, pro football teams had to come up with songs, mascots and in-stadium entertainment to generate excitement beyond what was happening on the field. Many of those manufactured traditions went away once the Steeler, 49er and Cowboy dynasties captured everybody’s imagination and players became multimedia superstars. But teams like Seattle, Philadelphia and Oakland still field full cheerleading squads, take the field with mascots and have songs associated with their teams. I personally know folks –plural– in the Raider Nation who have the words to “The Autumn Wind” tattooed on their person.

When we watch NFL games on TV, the stadia look relatively similar with a 120-yard long green fields with white numbers and lines on them. However, every building in the league is unique with fans arranged in different seating and suite configurations. This leads to unique camera positions for the broadcasters and this year’s Madden has the most authentic broadcast presentation yet. Real camera angles mean you’ll be seeing your team from a perspective that’s specific to that building. Pittsburgh’s success over the years means we all have a good idea of what Heinz Stadium looks like. When you fire up Madden NFL 12 with the Steelers at home, you should recognize it as the real thing.

Grass is big this year. It’ll be chopped up, smeared on uniforms and helmets and look sharper than ever. In fact, we’re interested ourselves to see what happens when the new 3D grass, new uniform degradation and new field wear systems face their destinies with each other. Suffice to say, when you’re scoring touchdowns and winning games against your buddies all of that stuff will look amazing. When you’re losing, you’ll likely be staring at the floor anyway.


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