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The Division: 6 Times The Size Of Beta? Are We Still Expected To Walk?

The Division is here and before I officially crack this thing open I want to know one thing.

The Division is a game I’ve anticipated ever since its initial reveal (See here) and now it’s finally here, but a map of significant size that some outlets are boasting the game will have; 6 times  the size of the beta? I believe was the number thrown out there leaving  me to ask, are we still expected to walk everywhere?

Now to put things in perspective the beta was a decent size, nothing too overwhelming but it still had players looking for the fast travel option FAST lmbooo. I saw this on display the most when players wanted to retrieve contaminated items they extracted from the ‘dark zone’ to the main base, I guess going back and forth could prove a tedious task.

Look, I know we currently live in the world of  A.D.D. everyone’s patience and time is getting thinner and thinner, not me though, personally I didn’t mind walking, as a matter of fact I actually would WALK meaning I liked using the walk animation as opposed to running everywhere, especially because it seems the world is encouraging you to explore not to mention I feel more grounded and immersed in that world by doing so.

However, even me who is cool with walking and taking in the sights sort to speak acknowledge that if there is any validity to the claim then I’m a bit worried. Am I expected to walk as my only option? (fast travel doesn’t count). If I’m waaaay up on 57th st and 2nd ave am I expected to walk all the way back down to 23rd st and 11th avenue? That’s almost 35 blocks down and 9 blocks across! Not to mention if I want to go back that’s a potential 90 blocks! Sheesh that’s a lot of ground to cover on foot.

Which leads me to believe does Ubisoft have something up their sleeve? A surprise of some sort on how to get from point A to point B that they did not show in the beta?  Ubisoft I believe is already on record saying cars would not be driveable so could we see some sort of bus pick up? Train Navigation?

Especially because the beta showed no fast travel in the Dark Zone I’m very curious on how this would be handled, which btw makes sense, because if you could just fast travel in the DZ it lowers the opportunity to run into the potential danger in the DZ which kind of ruins the goal of what Ubisoft is trying to accomplish.

To be frank I don’t want fast travel to be the only option to get around the city especially if this thing now or eventually extends to other boroughs, it would ruin immersion for me a little bit.

CCU wants to hear from you.

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  1. Maybe they will give us cars, or helicopters.

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