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The best video game of this generation? Netflix

Would be my response if someone asked me.

It Must be…well not really

Of course Netflix can’t be the best video game this generation (or any generation for that matter)because it’s not a video game, however the energy, attention and time given to Netflix — by gamers, is competing with — and in a lot of cases surpassing our top video games.

Netflix was first introduced to the Xbox 360 in the Fall of 2008 and on the PS3 a year later (2009) with hopes of the movie distribution juggernaut adding to the complete entertainment experience both Microsoft and Sony are aiming for. But did it backfire?

The Gift and the Curse 

How this article was even conceived is because of a segment on the CCU podcast called ‘The Controlled Substance‘. On there we not only talk about what’s been controlling us (aka what we’ve been playing) but also what’s been controlling our virtual friends on our friends list. What I noticed is that a bunch of people are playing different games but more often than not gamers are on Netflix, Netflix? I thought  this was pre-dominantly a gaming machine.

It was a slow burn too, in the beginning of Netflix’s implementation it played out perfectly, just like what might have been the intent — an add-on. Gamers after hours of gameplay would kick back and watch a movie. But now it seems the addiction has grown so strong it now dominates the to-do-list. “Hardcore” gamers who once spend hours upon hours on games of all kinds now are comfortable just watching Netflix.

Now the irony of Microsoft and Sony wanting to turn their machines into the entertainment version of ‘Target’ but always preaching gaming first, might now have to contend with the fact everything else is becoming first and gaming last.

I understand but…

Now I understand that Netflix is very enjoyable and especially during slow times it could be a life saver but it should never rule over a gamers, gaming machine. And I should never be able to confuse Netflix —  albeit a joke and call it “The the best video game of this generation” because that’s all I see, a sea of Netflix users.

What do you think? Have you noticed this trend on your respective consoles? Are you the gamer who watches Netflix more than play games? CCU wants to hear from you.

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