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Team Bondi sells IP, assets

It seems that  it keeps getting worst for Team Bondi, first the alleged claims of mistreatment of workers during the producing of L.A. Noire, then the bitter ending of the relationship between Bondi and Rockstar and now this.

Shack News is reporting, Team Bondi, the creators of L.A. Noire are selling their  game IP and assets to Kenneth Miller Mitchell (KMM). Apparently this is coming off a rumor that Bondi has gone bankrupt and set up a meeting with Kenneth to sell the IP.

Well it seems all is not lost, and unnamed source told Develop that KMM offered employment and possibly severance to former Team Bondi employees.

Even though Team Bondi created L.A. Noire the IP is owned by Rockstar and the  facial technology that made the game famous also is not owned by Bondi – as this was built by Depth Analysis, thus both seemingly will not be included in this potential deal.

I’m pretty sure more details will arise regarding this matter.

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