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Skyrim: Best Werewolf Game Ever

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Microsoft, NEWS, PC, PlayStation 3, Sony, Xbox 360 | 0 comments

The Werewolves in Skyrim are so great I had to make an article to stress how much I like them and why Skyrim is by far the best werewolf game ever. So I did some digging and these are the games that featured werewolves in some form or fashion. If I miss any be sure to comment and correct.

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What Werewolves should be in Skyrim!

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in Microsoft, NEWS, PC, PlayStation 3, Sony, VIDEOS, Xbox 360 | 2 comments

First thing first, werewolves are not officially confirmed to be in Skyrim. This is a theoretical video and is heavily opinion based. Basically I wanted to show you guys my vision on how werewolves should be IF they are in Skyrim.

Tell me what you think, thanks. Subscribe to my youtube page for my latest Skyrim videos. But for now  check out this video after the jump.

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