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With DLC and Multiplayer are renting games still an option?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in NEWS, Original Content | 0 comments

So I got to thinking and I started wondering although great services (in theory), are renting games still a viable option?

Companies like GameFly, Redbox, and Blockbuster have provided gamers over the years with the option to “try before you buy” method, to allow customers who were on the fence about a full retail purchase the ability to ease or confirm their doubts by way of rental. ┬áNow before this generation that was a superb option when your talking about one, saving yourself some money and two, if you did not deem the game as a “classic” or something you viewed as collection worthy you could finish the game in a week and return it.With this generation not so much.

Now some years into this generation of gaming as single-player stand alone titles are going the way of the dinosaur and DLC and Multiplayer have almost become standard, you can add to that now the online pass, (which makes you pay a fee for not purchasing a game new) it begged the question why rent? I look at a couple of things while considering this.

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