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Metacritic vs User Reviews…which is more important?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in NEWS | 2 comments

While watching G4’s discussion on Mass Effect 3’s ending  they brought  up something on the show truly interesting that I don’t think a lot of people talk about.

On “Feedback”, the crew of Blair Herter, Nikole Zivalich, Stephen Johnson, and Donell Tucker all got together to discuss what I thought would just be a “full out” defense of,  I mean, their take of, the ME3 debacle, but in a twist, started off with something that really stood out to me.  Metacritic vs User Reviews and had a back and forth on which is more important. According to Blair there is a huge divide between Metacritic Scores and User Scores for ME3, with Metracritic scores resulting in a 9.3 and User scores resulting in 4.9.

This topic is interesting for so many reasons because there is so many ways you can go with it, coupled with the fact that I just came off doing an article calledCause and (Mass) Effect (3): What happened to the reviewers? And a while before thatDo you believe reviewers have to end a game before reviewing it?” I felt compelled to tackle this question head on.

I guess to find out which is more important you have to ask the question, important to whom? The consumers? The developers? Overall?

Lets first look at the Developers:

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