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SchollA’s thoughts: The Uncharted 3 Beta

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in NEWS, PlayStation 3, Sony | 4 comments

 Sooo…Where do I even start. Well I”ll say this I was tempted just to play for a little while then “throw up” an impressions piece but I decided to play the whole 2 week+ long beta first.
Day 1:
I was a little leery by what I saw, all the while keeping calm and recognizing it was just a beta, but jeez first impressions right? The beta was laggy and it kept kicking me or my friends out(even though for me it wasn’t half as bad as some were experiencing/reporting) also the graphical fidelity almost looked worst than Uncharted 2 multiplayer, needless to say it wasn’t a good day 1.
Day everyday after:
AMAZING!!! The good boys over at Naughty Dog acted rather quickly and did such and amazing job it  was like day 1 never existed graphics look better, no lag accept for the usual connection issues with other players, and I was able to stay connected with friends. On top of that I was able to fully immerse myself in the action…and that’s always a good thing right? 

So the question is how do I attack this impressions piece?…. I know, I’ll bring up some of my experiences and give some bullet points on them. Let’s get started.

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