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Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Ubisoft, Why Did You Delete Such A Promising Scene?

Don’t you hate when developers take out what appears to be an outstanding scene from the final product?

As I recently finished playing through Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Stay tuned for the Review) I noticed one of my favorite scenes that contributed to the SCB build up and hype was missing.

I was so much looking forward to playing this particular scene in Blacklist, as it looked very  intriguing from a plot and gameplay standpoint.

Now I’m sure we’re all use to developers showing Us scenes that don’t make the final cut or was never intended to be a part of the game in the first place, like the scenes from ‘Heavy Rain’ even though thankfully after some time Quantic Dream released at least one of them as publicly playable via DLC. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get disappointed still. And even if we’ve never experienced this visually there’s just an understanding and common knowledge  that behind-the-scenes whenever something is created, every idea —  and in this case, scene won’t make the final product.

However this particular Splinter Cell scene got me excited about the product, it felt like an appropriate beginning to a wild terrorist adventure. It’s even arguable that the particular scene in question is one of the better scenes shown — final or not final. More importantly did it need to be taking out? Why was it taken out?  When most developers give a reason as to why something doesn’t “make it in” it’s usually because of time constraints or that the scene didn’t “fit” with the overarching  plot, like Naughty Dog recently explained with the ‘The Last of Us’ ending or subplots.

But those explanations don’t seem to fit either, the gameplay and scene already existed, thus nullifying the time constraint theory. It also seemed like a phenomenal piece of the plot — a sure adrenaline starter to get the “party going”, if you will  and on the surface doesn’t look like it would have taken anything away from the overarching plot, thus nullifying the didn’t “fit theory.

There was even mention by Ubi on the E3 2012 stage that you would be able to use ‘Kinect Voice’ in the scene to call air strikes from your team, I wonder if that was entirely scrapped too.

I wonder  if there is more to the scene  and enough in the scene to make it stand alone DLC, if so Ubisoft get on it!

In the scene, Sam Fisher, dressed like one of “them” —  a terrorist is a carrying a fellow comrade (so they think) that appears  injured, using this cleverly put together plan to  infiltrate the campgrounds. Precedes to, unbeknownst to them yoke up the leader and simultaneously shoot two of his soldiers dead then reveals himself all the while with hopes to get information, his style? Break the man’s arm and knife him. After this you can see Sam traversing through Iran, Iraq taking out target after target until he gets his “target” —  such a work of art that would get anyone excited, fans and non fans alike. Why Ubisoft Why?

Here’s the video of the scene in question that did not make the final product — So Beautiful, So Promising:

Did you notice the scene’s absence too? Would you like to have experienced this scene? CCU wants to hear from you.

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