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SPIKE VGA’S 2010: Are you excited?

The Spike VGA’s are upon us and there is a lot of hype and speculation as to what will be  shown..Resident Evil 6? Metal Gear Solid 5? Uncharted 3? If all 3 announcements are made I’m personally  GOING TO LOSE IT!!! MIND GONE!!! OUT OF HERE!!! BYE BYE!!!

And what a way to end off the year wow! But wait I’ve been hurt before lol.

Last years VGA’s was eeeehh, nothing to  write home about (overall…shout out to Batman Arkham City), but every year just like expecting a  certain present on Christmas and not receiving it, only to say to yourself  “I won’t build my hopes up next year”, only to fall into the trap of  excitement all over again, I just can’t help but get excited with anticipation.

So the question remains, are you excited as well? Or do you feel it will be another  letdown? Time will only tell.

Also, lets not forget the reigning king “Uncharted 2” has about 3 more days with the title/crown who do you think will become the new king? 

side note* we preview a youtube video revisiting the Spike 2009 Video Game Award winners

The Spike VGA’s airs live Saturday December 11, 2010 at 8pm et/5pm pt

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