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Spike VGA’s 2011: Will The Last of Us be the ultimate survival game?


Recently there was a mysterious trailer released to the public for a video game called “The Last of Us”. There has been a lot of speculation on what this game might be. Some people think it’s just another First Person Shooter and others think it may be a RPG of some sort.

I personally feel like this game seems different from the typical bunch — based off of the vibe of the trailers. I am hoping that it is the ultimate survival game. I think that it’ll be a survival game taken place after some sort of civil unrest, where there is no rule of law and anarchy is the only way for survival.

If this is the case then this game will be really unique because it will be different from your average war game and focus more on survival in a situation where supplies are limited and people will kill to get the little bit of supplies you may have. So take a look at these trailers and tell me what you think this game might be about. CCU wants to hear from you.

Trailer 1


Trailer 2

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