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Spike VGA’s 2011: The Last of Us — Nathan Drake…is that you?

The Spike VGA’s was very, very, very, good last night. It was immensely entertaining and the host Zachary Levi did a phenomenal job of well…”HOSTING”. This presented a huge step up from previous years. The implementation of the characters and games being intertwined into the presentation of the award nominees and reveals was a build off of the 2009 show — done better, and was a smooth and seamless 2 hour ride. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, lmbo (laughing my butt off).

What I’m here to discuss is one of the highlights of the night, The Last of Us, The top secret game Sony was behind, has now been revealed that it will be developed by none other than Naughty Dog! Wow! When did they have time for this? Two teams maybe?

It also has been revealed that Neil Druckmann will be the Creative Director not Amy Hennig, the woman behind the Uncharted series.

Anyway watching this trailer was nothing short of amazing, showcasing  superb graphics and a young teen, Ellie running through a house that looked ransacked as she stumbles upon an ensuing fight, that’s where we meet Joel, an older gentleman doing battle with the infected. This is where the question arose, because Joel spoke, and when he spoke all I could say to myself was “Nathan Drake is that you? “


Call me crazy but I thought I heard a tinge of Mr. Nolan North (Voice of Drake) in his voice pattern. And when I think about it he kind of looked like him too — and older bearded Drake of course. If this is indeed Nolan then I think he should do a better job of hiding his very distinct accent. I don’t think gamers want to play this game and think about Uncharted.

C’moooon you can tell me.

Let me know what you think. Did you get that sense too, or am I crazy? And if I’m correct in my assumptions what do you feel about such a revelation? CCU wants to hear from you.

*Update the Character of “Joel” in The Last of Us is played by Troy Baker (Two Face – Batman Arkham City).

Here’s the Trailer:

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  1. WTF are you trying to say??

    Do you know the voice actors have been revealed for Last of US and that Mr Nolan North is not the one voicing Joel?

    Why come up with such lame ass articles??

    • see previous comment and come to think of it many may not kno who’s voicing joel so see you can help the community now

  2. Wow man your a little late huh?

    Troy Baker is playing Joel!!!

    “If this is indeed Nolan then I think he should do a better job of hiding his very distinct accent. I don’t think gamers want to play this game and think about Uncharted.”

    – i laughed hard at this part 🙂

    • Ok so instead of linking to other people’s sites and providing them with hits, why don’t you follow in the footsteps of modern journalism and just provide your article with an UPDATE. It will keep people from claiming you page is out dated.

      Here is an example.

      Update: it has come to our attention that nolan north is not actually playing Joel, and it is in fact Troy Baker.

      Just add somethin like this to the articles so readers know you not behind.

      • u didnt see the update?!! maybe i should put it in a more visible place.

        • oh finally you updated after i told you to nice!

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